For the past decades, the capable guidance of past presidents and the concerted efforts of all its members have made the National Taiwan University a pre-eminent institution of higher education.

Our mission has always been the pursuit of excellence in teaching and research, together with a deep concern for the betterment of society. The university motto–Diligence, Integrity, Patriotism and Philanthropy–the inspiration behind all our endeavors, embodies our unique thinking and sensibility. The enormous and rapid changes today have made the task before us a truly arduous one. In response to the challenge we have undertaken far-reaching structural reforms that will make us not only the finest among Chinese universities, but also one of the best institutions in the world.

As we celebrate our 89th anniversary and aspire towards a top 100 global ranking, we welcome all faculty members, students, alumni, parents and visitors to join in the festivities. Together let us rejoice in the memories and look forward to new horizons.

Happy Birthday!