Return to the Field: Ino Kanori and the Rediscovery of Taiwanese Culture.
The exhibition makes use of aerial imagery, the DocuGIS geographic information system, and the interactive Story Maps system to offer a more detailed and thorough presentation of the Japanese anthropologist Ino Kanori’s work in Taiwan. It leads viewers on a journey that retraces Ino’s footsteps, visiting indigenous peoples. Moreover, the exhibition presents the perspectives of current members of the indigenous tribes Ino visited, who interpret the Japanese anthropologist’s records of their ancestors’ languages and cultures and offer important information that he overlooked.
Zu-Zan Hall, Main Libray
Min-Chang Cheng/02-33662308
Love Never Ceases – Special Exhibition of Taiwanese Song Master Iap Chun-lin
Taiwanese songwriter Iap Chun-lin had produced more than 8,000 pieces, with ‘Kū Chêng Mî-mî (舊情綿綿)’ or Love Never Ceases, ‘Su-bō͘ ê Lâng (思慕的人)’or My Yearning Ones, and ‘Tām-tsuí bōo-sik (淡水暮色)’or Dust of Tamsui as his masterworks. Library will hold a commemorate exhibition for the 20th anniversary of his death out of Iap’s massive manuscript collection, in order to present his lyrics writing techniques, elegant and profound descriptions, and various application of literature styles and tastes. This exhibition also introduces the Kua-á tsheh (歌仔冊) booklets with the form of four-line verses in Taiwan early years, and marks the contribution of Iap Chun-lin and his contemporaries on utilizing native language to lyrics. Thus folk song not only circulates among the common people, it also passes on the artistic and cultural inheritance.
Zu-Zan Hall,Main Libray
Min-chang Cheng/02-33669804
Opening Ceremoy for the Library ASRS Serviece Center
NTU will launch Taiwan’s first automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS). The system, located in the Multi-Purpose Classroom Building on the main campus, can house up to 1.2 million books. NTU will hold the opening ceremony for the Library ASRS Service Center.
Multi-Purpose Classroom Building
Ying-Lin Liu/02-33662371
Special Exhibition – “The Founding of the First University in Taiwan”
This special exhibition aims to trace back the foundation and initial days of NTU, from quests for the various faculties’ academic backgrounds in 1928, to displays of the contributions to Taiwan’s industrial development from Taihoku Imperial University scholars. Also include are the progress made by scholars from two sides of the Taiwan Strait toward the revival of academic heyday out of damages of World War II, and the scholarly manners of the seniors in the early days of NTU.
Chuan-Lyu Exhibition Hall
Gallery of University History
NTU History Gallery
Min-Chang Cheng/02-33662308
Library After Hour Concert in Celebrating its 20th and NTU’s 90th  Anniversary
NTU Library will hold an after hour concert in the central hall (1st floor) to celebrate its 20th anniversary of relocation and NTU’s 90th anniversary on Sunday, November 11, 2018.
Central Hall, Main Library
Min-Chang Cheng/02-33662308
Time Capsule for the 100th Anniversary of NTU
In 2014 NTU history Gallery invited the freshmen of B03 to bury time capsules which were opened in March 17 2018, the year of 90th anniversary of NTU, by the same group at the same spot. Now once more we would like to invite NTU students to bury their time capsules which are scheduled to open in 2028, the 100th anniversary of NTU.
NTU History Gallery
NTU History Gallery
Nan-Hsiu Chen / 02-33663818