The logo for our 90th anniversary was designed by Mr. Wen-Ping Hsiao,

a renowned graphic designer and Director of Y&P Design International.

The logo uses the most symbolic images of NTU, the Fu Bell and azaleas,

as its core concepts while including the number “90” to signify the “90th anniversary” of the university.

In this elegantly and vibrantly designed logo, the Fu Bell highlights the spirit of NTU,

and the image of the blooming azalea captures the liveliness and vitality of campus life at NTU.

This logo symbolizes the university’s 90 years of diligence and commitment,

as well as its active pursuit of steady progress and self-fulfillment.


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Slogan for the 90th Anniversary—“NTU 90: Towards a Century of Excellence”

This slogan not only indicates the established history of NTU,

but also conveys our promising future built upon past foundations,

our continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation,

our concerted efforts in creating a better university,

and our vision of proceeding towards a century of excellence.