Faculty Appeals


If a full-time faculty feels that the personal treatment he or she has received in the university is illegal or inappropriate and violates his or her rights and interests, the faculty member can, after receiving the disciplinary action, submit an appeal to the Faculty Appeals Committee (shortened as Appeals Committee).


Within 30 days, counting from the next day of the notice or understanding, after receiving the written notice or learning about the treatment that is considered illegal or inappropriate, the faculty member should submit a written appeal to the university Appeals Committee (currently handled by the Secretariat Office, phone number: 3366-2033), and fill out the appeal form following the regulation format.


If the appeal is rendered justifiable, the unit that issued the disciplinary action should adjust the disposition; if the appeal is turned down, the member who has lodged the appeal can file a second appeal to the Ministry of Education’s Teacher Grievances Committee.

Special Regulations

Regarding appeal cases related to a faculty member’s appointment, duration of employment, promotion, suspension, dismissal or non-reappointment, if the person submitting the appeal is considered as justified by the university’s Appeals Committee, the case will be submitted to the Teacher Evaluation Committee for review and processing. If any, the Teacher Evaluation Committee of a higher level shall also be notified of said matter.

Legal Basis for Appeal

  1. NTU Organization and Review Guidelines for the Faculty Appeals Committee (Reference)
  2. Organization and Evaluation Standards for the Teacher Grievances Committee (Ministry of Education) (Reference: http://law.moj.gov.tw/LawClass/LawContent.aspx?PCODE=H0010003)
  3. Article 29 of the Teacher’s Act

Department / Employment Division, Personnel Department (provisions)
Office of the Secretariat (procedures)
Contact / (02) 3366-5932, 3366-2033
Teacher Appeals Form