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Going Abroad

Date: 2023-08-8

General Overseas Travel and Traveling to Mainland China:

(1) Except on weekends or during national holidays, faculty members planning to travel outside the country should follow the application procedure for overseas travel (this applies to traveling during winter and summer vacations).

(2) Leave procedure: Faculty members who plan to take leave should apply via the NTU attendance system in advance; those not able to do so should promptly complete the application afterwards.

Website: myNTU (https://my.ntu.edu.tw/) → Employee Attendance System → Application / Approval for Faculty & Staff Taking Leave → Application Procedures → Application for Overseas Leave

Account: Use the NTU email login and password provided by the Computer and Information Networking Center.

(3) Notes and additional information:

  1. Applicants who plans to travel abroad for investigative purposes, academic visits, or to attend meetings shall submit letters of invitation from the hosting organizations and other relevant documents.
  2. In addition to letters of invitation, applicants traveling abroad to attend international conferences should fill out the “Application Form for Participation in International Conferences Abroad.”
  3. Applications for traveling to Mainland China are processed in accordance with the following provisions:
    • Faculty members with adjunct administrative duties (excluding adjunct functional responsibilities):
      The applicant should print out the “Application form for special municipality mayors, county commissioners, city mayors, political administration and classified staff (including retired), senior civil servants with rank 11 and above to enter the Mainland Area,” sign his or her name on both sides of the application form and submit it along with the letter of invitation to the Assessment Division of the Personnel Department at least ten business days prior to departing. The Personnel Department will then file the application with the National Immigration Agency of the Ministry of the Interior. Faculty members are advised to apply as early as possible. The results of the review process will be emailed to the applicant. Do not travel to Mainland China unless authorized. Violation of relevant provisions will incur a fine as prescribed in the Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area.
    • Faculty members without adjunct administrative duties:
      The above forms and information are not required when applying online for overseas leave.
  4. For an overseas business travel application intended to be financially supported by the self-generated income of the University Endowment Fund, the applicant must first fill out the NTU Official Overseas Business Travel Proposal and Funding Application Using Self-raised Funds of the University Endowment Fund. With the supervisor’s approval, the applicant should then follow the administrative procedure and submit the application to the Accounting Department and Personnel Department for joint review and approval. If approved the applicant may proceed with the overseas trip following said supervisor’s final authorization.
  5. Faculty members are advised to plan vacation trips in the summer vacation, winter break or other holidays so as to avoid compromising the quality of teaching or administrative work. If it is absolutely necessary to travel abroad during the semester under special circumstances, faculty members should apply for personal leave (even if there is no impact on class attendance). Compensation for any leave days in excess of the maximum personal leave allowed shall be deducted from the faculty member’s salary. This requirement does not apply if (a) the faculty member takes leave during the semester’s final examination week; (b) students’ final examinations are not affected; and (c) the faculty member is able to submit the course grades to the Office of Academic Affairs by the specified time.
  6. Pursuant to the Guidelines for Overseas Travel Report Required of Personnel of the Executive Yuan and Its Subordinate Agencies, faculty members who travel abroad on official business (i.e., taking statutory leave or using public funds) should submit an overseas travel report within three months upon returning to the country. Faculty members should upload the reports to the Attendance system/Upload Overseas Travel Report. Consult the NTU Office of Research and Development for any questions or concerns.

Traveling Abroad for Lectures, Research or Advanced Studies (one month or longer)

  1. Only full-time faculty members on regular payroll who has served at NTU for at least two years consecutively may apply for travel abroad for lectures, research or advanced studies (two full years as of the departure date of the overseas trip). However, under special circumstances the above does not apply if the faculty member’s application is approved by the department or division’s Teacher Evaluation Committee and the faculty member secures a special approval from the University.
  2. To avoid compromising faculty member’s teaching, the total number of faculty members who conduct domestic and overseas advanced studies, lectures, research, sabbatical leave, or temporary transfer for each department or division at any given time may not exceed 16% of the total number of faculty members currently employed by that department or division.
    However, the number applicable to temporary transfer does not include those transferred temporarily to the public sector (including national universities and colleges) or serving as the chief of a foundation established via government policy.Faculty members conducting lectures, research or advanced studies are not subject to the preceding personnel percentage restriction if any one of the following conditions is met:
    (1) The duration of the trip is one month or shorter.
    (2) The overseas leave occurs during summer or winter vacation.
    (3) The faculty member is selected affiliated department or institute to receive priority overseas training in
    accordance with the the college’s Operational Guidelines for Newly Recruited Full-time Faculty
    (4) The lectures, research or advanced studies are fully funded by the host or another organization
    or institution.
    (5) The faculty member is selected to represent NTU in an international faculty exchange program with an
    overseas university.
    (6) The faculty member receives a special permission or is authorized by relevant laws or regulations.
  3.  Faculty members may not apply for overseas lectures, research or advanced studies during the period of fulfilling service obligations.
  4. Faculty members who have been temporarily transferred to another organization or institution, regardless of whether they have returned to the University to teach voluntarily during their official absence, must teach for at least one full year (as of the date of departure for overseas leave) upon returning to the University before they are eligible to apply for overseas lectures, research or advanced studies again.
  5. Faculty members’ schedule for lectures, research, or advanced studies abroad should coincide with the semester to facilitate class scheduling.
  6. Two months prior to traveling abroad, the applicant should fill out the form “Faculty Members Traveling Abroad for Lectures, Research, and Advanced Studies Application Form” (go to the Personnel Department website http://www.personnel.ntu.edu.tw/ → Procedures and Forms → Assessment Division → Traveling Abroad to download the form). Relevant documents of proof, such as a foreign research institution’s letter of agreement or invitation, should be submitted for approval via the relevant administrative procedure. (If the period abroad is less than one month or is during winter or summer vacation, please submit this a general overseas leave application for faculty members.)
  7. If the faculty’s application is endorsed by affiliated college or department (division, graduate institute, center, or degree program) for the advancement of the college or department and has secured funding from a government agency or an organization with which the University has an agreement, the faculty member may be granted paid leave while abroad. However, the arrangement will become unpaid leave if the stay is extended.
  8. Faculty members returning to the country upon completing the overseas lectures, research or advanced studies should return to the University immediately to resume official duties. The period of service after return to the University shall be calculated as twice the period of paid leave and as the same length as the period of unpaid leave.

NSTC Research Subsidies for Short-term Research Programs Abroad

  1. After the Personnel Office receives a letter from the NSTC that an application was accepted, the Personnel Office will send a letter notifying first-level and second-level units. If a unit plans on recommending candidates, it must fill out a Unit Review List and submit 1 copy of the applicant’s personal information form, grant proposal, and language proficiency certificate (printed out by the applicant after logging into the NSTC website and filling out the forms) to a first-level unit for approval and then submitted to the Personnel Office before the deadline for accepting applications. (Please go to the NSTC’s website https://www.nstc.gov.tw/→ Log into the “Academic R&D Service Website” on the right and fill out forms)
  2. The time that the NSTC accepts applications each year is based on the time specified in the letter from the NSTC.
  3. After the Personnel Office reviews the applicant’s qualifications, finds it in compliance with regulations, and the case is approved through administrative procedures, it is submitted to the NSTC.
  4. Personnel that are recommended must meet the qualifications specified in the “National Science and Technology Council Guidelines for Subsidizing Short-term Overseas Research by Science and Technology Personnel” and “NTU Guidelines for Teaching, Research, and Continuing Education of Faculty Members Overseas.” (Please go the webpage of the Personnel Office http://www.personnel.ntu.edu.tw/ → “Personnel Regulations” → “Training, Continuing Education, Research” to download the guidelines)
  5. Units must conduct a preliminary review of the items specified in the preceding article, and then verify if the number of faculty members on leave to conduct research, receiving continuing education in Taiwan or overseas, and temporarily transferred are under the limit specified in Article 4 of the “NTU Guidelines for Teaching, Research, and Continuing Education of Faculty Members Overseas.”

Department / Assessment Division, Personnel Department
Contact /  (02)3366-5941 (overseas or in China), 3366-5943 (teaching, continuing education, and research overseas, NSTC Subsidies for Short-term Overseas Research by Science and Technology Personnel)
Website / http://www.personnel.ntu.edu.tw/