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Holding a Part-time Job

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Date: 2023-08-8
  1. Handled according to the  Concurrent Employment Guidelines for Teachers of Public Institutions  and  Regulations for Teachers Concurrently Holding Administrative Positions at Schools of all Levels.
  2. Full-time faculty members (researchers) with written approval of the University may hold part-time off-campus jobs . The organization offering the part-time position may request permission from the University in writing. Faculty members wishing to hold part-time job may fill out an application form, provide relevant supporting documents, and follow the administrative procedures for approval. According to the NTU Faculty Evaluation Standards, faculty members who fail the most recent faculty evaluation are ineligible for holding off-campus part-time jobs starting from the following academic year. The right to hold part-time jobs shall be reinstated after the applicant passes re-evaluation.
  3. Full-time faculty members should not allow full-time work being compromised by part-time jobs. The University’s basic teaching hours and work requirements must be observed. Faculty members who are on leave or temporary transfer are not subject to this requirement.
  4. Full-time faculty members who apply to work part-time at for-profit enterprises or organizations must first seek approval by the affiliated department (division) through an administrative meeting, followed by an evaluation of the college to ensure compliance with regulations before the application is submitted to the University for final approval.
  5. Full-time faculty members (including those with adjunct administrative duties) who wish to work at a for-profit enterprise or organization as an official NTU representative must first be reviewed by the University’s Evaluation Committee. Applicants who pass the review will additionally require the approval of the University President before undertaking the part-time position.
  6. Full-time faculty members on research leave should conduct academic research work approved by the University. Those wishing to work outside their approved research projects during research leave should first seek approval from the Teacher Evaluation Committee of affiliated department or institute.
  7. Full-time faculty members may hold part-time positions in the following organizations:
    (1) Government agencies, public educational institutions, and registered private educational institutions (including educational institutions established by or registered with local authorities in a foreign country, Hong Kong or Macao).
    (2) Administrative juristic persons; and
    (3) Not-for-profit organizations or institutions:

    1. State-owned enterprises, private enterprises and public-private partnerships;
    2. Organizations, enterprises and institutions registered with relevant competent authorities; and
    3. International academic and professional organizations (including those in a foreign country, Hong Kong or Macao).

    (4) For-profit enterprises and organizations:

    1. An enterprise or organization in an academia-industry partnership with the University;
    2. An enterprise or organization of which the government or NTU is a shareholder;
    3. An enterprise or organization undertaking a research project sponsored by a government agency or institution;
    4. A task force or ad hoc organization at a state-owned enterprise;
    5. A reputable and highly regarded organization publishing academic journals, as recognized by NTU (including those in a foreign country, Hong Kong or Macao); and
    6. A publishing organization publishing and compiling textbooks for students or teachers, or teacher’s manuals.

    (5) A start-up enterprise in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry.
    (6) An enterprise, organization or start-up, as defined in Regulations Governing Researchers Holding Part-time Positions and Consideration of Intellectual Property as Equity Enterprises (including those in a foreign country, Hong Kong or Macao).

  8. The part-time jobs offered at the enterprises or organizations stipulated above should be related to faculty members’ teaching or fields of research. Given this, faculty members should refrain from assuming the following part-time positions:
    (1) Lawyer, accountant, architect, and technician whose duties are prescribed in specialist laws and regulations. This restriction does not apply in the case where faculty members work in their off-duty hours on a pro bono basis and do so in accordance with specialist laws and regulations.
    (2) Chairmanship or administrative position on regular payroll at a private educational institution;
    (3) Assuming a position at an educational institution established by or registered with a government agency in Hong Kong or Macao that may pose risks or be damaging to Taiwan’s national integrity or security.
  9. A faculty member’s part-time work shall primarily involve frequently implemented tasks not exceeding eight hours per week. However, the faculty member may apply to work for forty hours per week during summer and winter vacations.
  10. The Regulations Governing the Part-time Wages and Hourly Pay for Lectures for Military Personnel, Civil Servants and Educators, which limits the number of part-time compensation payments to two totaling NT$16,000 a month, does not apply to NTU faculty members (including those who hold adjunct administrative positions). All part-time compensation payments shall be made indirectly, via NTU, to the participating faculty member by the organization or institution offering the part-time position. No direct part-time compensation payments shall be made, unless the funds are transferred to the faculty member via direct deposit with a written notification sent to the University.
  11.  Restrictions on faculty members holding part-time NTU adjunct administrative positions:
    (1) Still required to comply with restrictions on concurrent employment of civil servants other than Articles 14 and 15 of the Civil Service Act.
    (2) May not concurrently hold positions in foreign companies overseas, in Hong Kong, or in Macao.
  12. Part-time job approval application form:
    Personnel Department Homepage → Common forms → Employment Division → Part-time Job and Part-time Teaching.

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