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Holding a Part-time Teaching Position

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Date: 2021-05-18
  1. Full-time faculty members who wish to teach part-time outside the University are required to apply for approval in accordance with the Guidelines for Full-time Faculty Holding Part-time Teaching Positions Outside the University. According to the NTU Faculty Evaluation Standards, faculty members who fail the most recent faculty evaluation are ineligible for holding off-campus part-time jobs starting from the following academic year. The right to hold part-time jobs shall be reinstated after the applicant passes re-evaluation.
  2. Full-time faculty members (researchers) may assume part-time off-campus teaching positions if approved in writing by the University.
  3. The educational institution offering the part-time teaching position must seek approval in writing from the University. Alternatively, faculty members (researchers) wishing to teach part-time must file an application to seek approval from the University.
  4. Part-time teaching by faculty members (researchers) not not exceed four hours per week for day classes at another educational institution.
  5. Faculty members are permitted to teach part-time outside the University if their regular teaching duties at NTU are not compromised by outside work.
  6. According to Rule 13 of the NTU Professor Research Leave Implementation Guidelines, Faculty members on research leave should conduct academic research work approved by the University. Those wishing to work outside approved research projects during research leave should first seek approval from the Teacher Evaluation Committee of their department or institute.
  7. Part-time teaching approval application form:
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