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Leave Policy

Date: 2023-08-9

Types of leave

(1) Personal leave: 7 days per academic year; 7 days per academic year of family care leave are provided if it is necessary to care for a family member due to vaccination or a serious illness or incident. Family care leave is treated as personal leave, and therefore any personal and family care leave taken in excess of 7 days shall be regarded as unpaid leave.

(2) Sick leave: 28 days per academic year.

  1. Female faculty members are entitled to one day of menstrual leave per month, with a maximum of 3 days treated as paid leave per academic year. Menstrual leave taken in excess of 3 days are regarded as sick leave.
  2. In the event of a serious illness or miscarriage prevention treatment, as diagnosed by a medical specialist as requiring an extended recovery period, a request may be submitted to the University for an extended leave. The extension may not exceed one year within a two-year period, as calculated from the first day of the first application for extension. However, the accumulated days for extended leave may be reset upon returning to work from leave for one full year.

(3) Marriage leave: 14 days; the leave shall be completed within the period of 10 days before the date of marriage registration and 3 months thereafter. This period may be extended to one year under special circumstances with approval from the University.

(4) Pre-maternity leave: 8 days shall be given to the applicant prior to giving birth. The 8 days available may be taken non-consecutively but will no longer be available after childbirth.

(5) Maternity leave: 42 consecutive days, excluding holidays but including winter or summer vacation. An applicant who has exhausted pre-maternity leave days prior to delivery may apply for maternity leave, if necessary, for up to 21 days, which need not be consecutive.

(6) Miscarriage leave:

  1. Pregnancy of 20 weeks or above: 42 days;
  2. Pregnancy of 12 weeks up to (but not including) 20 weeks: 21 days;
  3. Pregnancy of up to (but not including) 12 weeks: 14 days.
  4. Miscarriage leave must be taken consecutively and no additional leave is given if the approved leave overlaps with summer or winter vacation.

(7) Prenatal checkup and paternity leave: 7 days of prenatal checkup and paternity leave are provided for accompanying a pregnant spouse to prenatal checkups, childbirth, or miscarriage after 20 weeks and above of pregnancy; separate applications are allowed. Prenatal checkup leave shall be taken while the spouse is pregnant; paternity leave shall be taken within the total of 15 days before and after (including holidays) the spouse gives birth or miscarries.

(8) Bereavement leave: May be taken non-consecutively, but should be completed within one hundred days of family member’s death.

  1. Death of parent or spouse: 15 days;
  2. Death of stepparent, spouse’s parent, or children: 10 days;
  3. Death of great-grandparents, grandparents, spouse’s grandparent, spouse’s stepparent, or sibling: 5 days.

(9) Bone marrow or organ donation leave: depending on the actual length of time required.

(10) Medical leave: A two-year limit for those injured while carrying out duties or commuting to and from work who need to recuperate or receive treatment.

(11) Leave for statutory reasons: Faculty members shall be granted leave under the following circumstances while the length of period will be determined by the University based on the actual need:

  1. Assigned to attend an assembly convened by the government.
  2. Assigned to go on an inspection tour or participate in an international conference.
  3. Ordered to report for military service in accordance with the law.
  4. Participating in a voting activity organized by the government.
  5. Leave is granted to outstanding faculty members in accordance with regulations enacted by the competent authority in educational administration.
  6. A two-year limit for those injured while carrying out duties or commuting to and from work who need to recuperate or receive treatment.
  7. If a faculty member is recommended or appointed to conduct full-time study and research at home or abroad by the University or the competent authority in educational administration, the maximum duration of the study is one year.
  8. With the University’s approval, a faculty member may participate in a government-sponsored examination that is related to their duties.
  9. A faculty member may participate in an activity organized by the University with the University’s approval.
  10. A faculty member may be invited by a domestic or overseas organization or an educational institution to participate in meetings or activities related to their duties, or to testify or reply to a charge to meet legal obligations, with the University’s approval.
  11. To address the needs of teaching or research activities, faculty members may utilize a portion of their non-teaching work hours, up to eight hours a week, for advanced study and research in accordance with University regulations or on the recommendation of the competent authority in educational administration. However, faculty members with adjunct administrative positions are entitled to additional statutory leave beyond the 8-hour limit during summer and winter vacations.
  12. With the University President’s approval, faculty members may draft plans to travel abroad during summer and winter vacations to conduct advanced study or research at foreign educational institutions or organizations at their own expense, provided that the planned activities are related to their official duties and do not compromise teaching and administrative work.
  13. For the purpose of fulfilling the need of inter-university teaching support, a faculty member may teach courses at another university on a part-time basis with the University President’s approval.
  14. For the purpose of fulfilling the need of industry-academia cooperation (at the college level or above), a faculty member may hold a part-time position at an affiliated enterprise or partner organization, with the University’s approval.
  15. Statutory leave is granted on grounds of mandatory quarantine for contagious disease as required by the health authorities. However, if faculty members are themselves responsible for contracting the disease, no statutory leave will be granted.

Faculty members shall be granted statutory leave for appearing in court or hearings to give testimony for sexual assault, sexual harassment or bullying cases, as required by law.

Procedures for taking leave

  1. Faculty members who wish to take leave should apply via the University’s online attendance system in advance. If not, a leave application should be filed promptly afterwards.
    Leave application via myNTU (https://my.ntu.edu.tw/): → Application for Teaching Position → Application /Approval for Taking Leaves → Application Procedures → Application for Domestic Leaves
    Account: Log in using your email account and password issued by the NTU Computer and Information Networking Center.
  2. For a faculty member who is also an administrative supervisor, the application should first be signed by the deputy before being submitted to a supervisor for approval.
  3. Except for personal leave, menstrual leave, and sick leave under two days, faculty members who hold adjunct administrative positions applying for other types of leave should provide supporting documents along with the application.

Notes and Additional Information

  1. Personal leave, family care leave, sick leave, marriage leave, menstrual leave, pre-maternity leave,  accompanying prenatal check-ups and taking paternity leave. and bereavement leave may be taken by the hours. For faculty members taking a portion of maternity leave prior to childbirth, the duration of leave should be at least half a day for each application. Holidays are excluded from the calculation of approved paid leave, but are included in extended sick leave. For leave taken in hours rather than days, the number of hours actually at work during regular business hours will be calculated.
  2. Faculty members who wish to take leave (including leave for statutory reasons and vacation) must fill out the leave application form via the attendance system and also secure their supervisor’s approval in advance. In the event of a sudden illness or emergency, a coworker or relative may be requested to file the leave application on their behalf; the faculty member may also complete the application upon returning to work.
  3. The following will be treated as absence without leave: Absence without a leave application (or failing to complete the application upon returning to work), without an application for leave for statutory reasons or for vacation, without resuming duties after the approved leave, or taking leave with fabricated reasons. Faculty members who are absent from class without justifiable cause will be considered absent without leave. Wages for the days of absence without leave of absence from class shall be deducted from their monthly salary.

Application for Domestic and International Business Travel Expense Reimbursement

  1. While applying for leave via the NTU online attendance system for domestic and foreign business trips, be sure to select “business trip” and submit the information to the departmental supervisor for approval.
  2. Go to “Inquiries and printing” in the online attendance system → “Print application forms” to confirm that the status shows “Approved.”
  3. Go to “Inquiries and printing” → “Print travel expense report form” to download “Travel expense report form.”
  4. Provide relevant information in the travel expense report form.
    For regulations regarding domestic and international business travel expense reimbursement, consult the FAQ of the NTU Accounting Office website (http://www.ntuacc.ntu.edu.tw/web/qa/qa.jsp) or Training in Accounting Services (http://www.ntuacc.ntu.edu.tw/web/et/et.jsp). Direct any related questions to the Accounting Office.
  5. Create reimbursement information in the NTU reimbursement system to be attached to the travel expense report form mentioned above, and submit an application according to the following administrative procedure: Applicants → Supervisors → Personnel Department → Accounting Department.

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