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Recognizing Outstanding Teachers

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Date: 2018-10-24

Recognizing Outstanding Teachers

1. On Teachers’ Day every year, rewards are offered to incumbent, full-time, qualified, and highly performing teachers who have taught continuously for 10, 20, 30, or 40 years or longer by the end of each July according to the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s “Guidelines on the Rewards for Senior Outstanding Teachers at All Levels of Schools.”

2.  The rewards are given by the MOE to the awarded senior outstanding teachers (directly deposited by Cashier Division into individual accounts). Currently, teachers are rewarded with NT$4,000 for 10 or more years of teaching service, NT$6,000 for 20 or more years of teaching service, NT$8,000 for 30 or more years of teaching service, and NT$10,000 for 40 or more years of teaching service.

3.  Senior outstanding teachers who have taught for a total of 40 years or longer shall be publicly recognized at a nationwide ceremony held by the MOE, where they will receive gifts from the President of Taiwan and the Minister of Education.

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