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Date: 2023-08-7

Faculty Salaries

According to the Teacher Remuneration Act, the salary grade of faculty members and research fellows are as follows:

Professor (Senior Research Fellow): NT$100,165~NT$116,825;
Associate Professor (Associate Research Fellow): NT$80,670~NT$99,535;
Assistant Professor (Assistant Research Fellow):NT$70,780~NT$90,330;
Lecturer (Research Assistant): NT$58,135~NT$80,430

Faculty Salary Scale: Assessment and Approval

Salary scheme is assessed and approved in accordance with the following:

  1. Assessment is applicable to faculty members who must hold a full-time position in the public or private sector prior to employment at NTU. One full year of prior service translates to a one-level increase in the scheme.
  2. The employment date shall be the effective date of said assessment for new faculty who submit the required documents within 30 days of employment or approved time period (no later than the end of the current semester), or who have yet to do so but use faculty position application documents and teacher’s certificate for salary scheme readjustment application.. The filing date shall be the effective date for salary readjustment applications submitted afterwards.

Faculty Remuneration

A faculty member’s monthly salary is equivalent to the amount calculated on the basis of salary points of the year, plus research allowance corresponding to academic rank.

Download Faculty (Research Fellow) Salary Reclassification Application Form

Personnel Department Homepage → Common Forms → Employment Division → Other → Faculty (Research Fellow) Salary Reclassification Application Form

Department / Employment Division, Personnel Department
Contact / (02) 3366-5932
Website / http://www.personnel.ntu.edu.tw/

Personal Payment Inquiry and Email Notification

  1. Apply for a “username” (login ID) and “password” with the Computer and Information Networking Center. Use your username and password to log into myNTU → Accounts and Finance → Payment inquiry and Notification. Your payment statement includes “Regular payroll earnings,” “Termination Pay Savings,” “Temporary wages,” and “Miscellaneous expenses” by year. Also click on “Payment notification settings” to apply for email notification and change email address and phone number.
  2. Non-NTU users applying for payment email notification service may follow the above instruction before faxing an application form. Once approved, users may check payment details by logging in using personal ID number and password or receive payment emails.

Department / Planning and Evaluation Section, Cashier Division, Office of General Affairs
Contact /  (+886) 2-3366-3734
Website / https://mis.cc.ntu.edu.tw/pay/Default.aspx