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Date: 2022-08-30

NTU International Mentorship Program

In 2022, the NTU Office of International Affairs is hosting the NTU International Mentorship Program, the first 3 to 4-month mentorship-based summer internship program for foreign students. The program aims to relieve foreign students’ current difficulties with language, culture, and social networks in the employment market of Taiwan. The program works with government agencies, foreign institutions stationed in Taiwan, enterprises, emerging companies, chambers of commerce, research institutes, and non-profit organizations and appoints the representatives of the institutions/agencies as mentors of foreign students. In addition to combining practice and theory and learning by working, foreign students also have the guidance of mentors to explore their future career development during the internship.

The program has recruited 70 institutions and over 100 mentors in the first year (2022) and has released nearly 170 internship positions. Among all mentors in the program, 60 are even the CXOs of their respective institutions. According to statistics, the program had 120 students apply and has successfully matched 60 students from 22 countries to work as interns in 40 institutions.

To hone the required soft skills of foreign students prior to entering enterprises and institutions, the Office of International Affairs also hosted multiple career training workshops and invited the upper-level managers or representatives of the internship institutions to share their stories when they were students and their career insights. The Office has also arranged several enterprise visits, and had the implementation team members help students compose their application materials and analyze the contents of internships at each institution and the directions of their career development.

The Office will increase the number of workshops, enterprise visits, and cultural experiences in the future, so that foreign students can better understand the Taiwanese working environment. The Office will also invite industry experts to NTU, in order to offer career consulting services to the foreign students who apply to the program.

International Talent Development Events

Events of the International Talent Development Program include the “International Talent Development Zone” set in Vision 2022 for the first time. International talent-friendly enterprises were invited to the Zone to set up booths, introduce their enterprises in English, and recruit international talents. The event attracted over a thousand students who participated in on-site consultations. Some students even submitted their resumes. The Office also collaborated with the Taipei Computer Association and hosted the International Career Fair. The Taipei Computer Association recruited 7 domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in the event to share foreigners’ work experiences in Taiwan, recruit new talents, and work with the domestic emerging company, KKday, to host the Japanese and Korean talent recruitment orientation.


The program will expand the International Talent Development Zone in future NTU Vision events, invite more enterprises, and arrange more live activities to increase the interaction between students and enterprises, letting students know about more international talent-friendly enterprises in Taiwan. In addition, the program will also work with different industrial institutions and associations to host recruitment orientations, workshops, and international talent training camps, hoping to meet students’ career needs through a wide variety of participating enterprises.


Event information will be posted on the NTU event bulletin board and the Facebook page of the Office of International Affairs. Follow us for more related information.

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