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Date: 2022-08-26

Source of Funding


NTU allocates international exchange funds to each college at the time of budget review each year (for details, see the Allocation Guidelines of International Exchange Funding for the NTU Aim for the Top University Project). The Office of International Affairs reserves the right to use the funds strictly for university-level events. Please visit the website or check with the office of each college for their relevant subsidy methods.

If the organizer has an insufficient amount of self-prepared funds, the organizer may apply to NTU for a subsidy in accordance with the Subsidy Rules for Hosting International Conferences. Visit the dedicated website for details.

Ministry of Education

Directions for the Provision of Subsidies by the Ministry of Education for International Academic Exchange Events (amended on September 17, 2019)

– Application timeframe (twice per year):

(1) March 15 to April 30 (accepting events that will take place from July 1 to December 31 of the current year).

(2) September 15 to October 31

– Three or more countries (including the hosting country). Participating foreign speakers must account for at least one-fourth of all invited speakers.

Directions for the Provision of Subsidies by the Ministry of Education for Cross-Strait (including Hong Kong and Macau) Academic Exchange Events (amended on April 1, 2020)

-Reviewed at the end of each month. Apply one month before the event.

National Science and Technology Council

Directions for the Provision of Subsidies for Domestically Hosted International Academic Conferences (amended on November 26, 2021)

-Application timeframe (twice per year):

(1) March 1 to March 31

(2) September 1 to September 30

– Some categories must be applied a year earlier.

Bilateral Technology Cooperation Subsidy Principles (for bilateral conferences) (revised on March 4, 2019).

Directions for the Provision of Subsidies for Cross-Strait Technology Academic Conferences (amended on May 23, 2014).

– Apply two months before the meeting.

MEET TAIWAN (=Bureau of Foreign Trade Subsidy Programs)

※Subsidy announcement for 2022 (Apply now! The application period ends on December 3, 2021)

Regulations for the 2022 “Promotion of International Meetings and Exhibitions in Taiwan”

-Applications for projects conducted in the following year are accepted during the first half of October each year.

-Applicant eligibility is stipulated by the regulations of the Ministry of the Interior.

-Apply online via the following website: https://espo.trade.gov.tw/tbxn/login.jsp

Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government

※Subsidy announcement for the second term of 2022 (Apply now! The application period starts from April 1, 2022, and ends on April 30, 2022)

※Second term sponsoring for Taipei MICE events begins in April, timely planning for the entrance of business travelers.

Directions for International Conferences and Exhibitions Hosted by Organizations (Institutions) or Groups and Incentive Travel Operations Sponsored by the Department of Information and Tourism of the Taipei City Government (application form included)

-Applications are received every November and April.

-At least 100 participants from 5 or more countries (including Taiwan). At least 80 persons or 40% of the participants must have foreign nationalities. However, this rule does not apply to those who have significant influence or relevance to the enhancement of the city’s image and its overall economic development.

-Three phases of subsidies: acquiring, promoting, and organizing.

Secretariat, Taipei City Government

Associated professional institutions include: Council of Agriculture, Bureau of Energy, Industrial Development Bureau, etc.
Directions for the Provision of Subsidies by the Ministry of Health and Welfare for Academic and Technology Conferences (application form included) (amended on January 23, 2017)
Directions for the Provision of Subsidies by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Foreign Affairs Conferences (amended on August 25, 2005)
Directions for the Provision of Subsidies by the Mainland Affairs Council, Executive Yuan for Cross-Strait Civil Exchange Events (amended on September 14, 2018)


International organization subsidies (usually required for annual meetings of each organization)

Meeting application fee

Professional association sponsorships

Relevant industrial sponsorships

Relevant Regulations

Management Guidelines for Meetings, Lectures, Trainings, Workshops, and Conferences Hosted by the Ministry of Education and Subsidiaries (amended on December 29, 2021)

Common items are listed as follows:

6. (3)

“NT$1,000 per person per day as meal allowance for international meetings and conferences (lectures, trainings, and workshops are not included). The accommodation allowance is NT$2,000 per day, but the accommodation allowance for foreign guests is NT$4,000 per day. The total amount of salaries other than the meal and accommodation allowances paid to foreign guests cannot exceed the standard set forth in the Maximum Remuneration for Foreign Consultants, Experts, and Scholars in Taiwan established by the Executive Yuan.”

The aforementioned meal and accommodation allowances shall be governed by cost-saving principles and may be adjusted to meet the actual needs within the total amount of each benchmark (i.e., the total amount can be added first; for example, the total amount for the meal allowance of a meeting of 20 people for two days shall be NT$44,000, from which the budget for each meal may be allocated).

Maximum Remuneration for Foreign Consultants, Experts and Scholars in Taiwan Outlined by the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan (amended on November 1, 2015)

Common items are listed as follows:

  1. Nobel Prize winners: NT$14,260 per person per day.
  2. Distinguished chair professors: NT$10,695 per person per day.
  3. Professors: NT$8,915 per person per day.
  4. Associate professors: NT$7,130 per person per day.
  5. Assistant professors: NT$5,350 per person per day.

Airfares, insurance fees, and transportation expenses are calculated separately. Reimbursement shall be based on actual expenses.

(Contact the Auditing Division of the Accounting Department for details regarding funding regulations.)

Meeting Planning

  • List of on-campus venues: https://info.ntu.edu.tw/spaceinfo/index.htm
  • Leasing of on-campus conference rooms/classrooms: https://booking.aca.ntu.edu.tw/buildings-intro
  • Leasing of the GIS NTU Convention Center: https://www.meeting.com.tw/ntu/download.php
  • Leasing of the NTUH International Convention Center: http://www.nthcc.com.tw/information/information03
  • Howard Civil Service International House: shorturl.at/cfsxJ

Meal, Accommodation, and Transportation

  • Easy Life at NTU: http://life.ntu.edu.tw
  • Transportation: https://www.ntu.edu.tw/about/location.html

Relevant Resources

Office of International Affairs

  • Relevant e-files introducing NTU (NTU Handbook e-file and NTU Handbook Powerpoint e-file)
  • NTU promotional display racks
  • Table cloths
  • Relevant inquiries
  • Invitation letter and guarantee letter templates
  • Relevant text formats (e.g., texts on gift boxes)

Office of the Secretariat

  • NTU Handbook (Chinese/English): https://www.ntu.edu.tw/about/ebook.html
  • NTU Newsletter Bi-monthly: https://ntualumnibm.ntu.edu.tw/

Office of General Affairs

  • Application for the use of NTU’s trademarks: https://ga.ntu.edu.tw/fss/main_ch/docDetail/1286/131/499/Trademark
  • Parking application: https://ga.ntu.edu.tw/general/main_ch/downloadList.aspx?uid=93&pid=93

Relevant links

  • Taiwan Convention & Exhibition Association
  • Taipei Exhibition & Conference Association
  • Public Service Platform>Taipei City Sponsored International Conferences and Exhibitions and Incentive Travel
  • Meeting Taiwan Card
  • ICCA – International Congress and Convention Association

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