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Date: 2023-06-17

NTU Press compiles, publishes, and distributes academic works across a spectrum of fields. The university publisher invites faculty members to submit contributions for academic book series or other manuscripts. For more information on how to make a submission, stop by NTU Press or visit its website and click on “Contribution.”

NTU Press helps faculty members and students conveniently purchase textbooks for classes through its group book order service for faculty members. Before the start of each semester, interested faculty members can complete a “Textbook Order Service Application Form” and send it by fax or email to NTU Press. For details, visit the NTU Press homepage and click on “Textbook Order Service.”

Department / NTU Press
Contact / Publication (02) 3366-9320 Ms. Chen
Order textbook (02) 3366-4949 Ms. Wong
Fax (02) 3366-9986
Website / http://eng.press.ntu.edu.tw/