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Class Evaluation

Date: 2024-01-10

NTU’s class evaluations are conducted by the Curriculum Division of the Office of Academic Affairs through online surveys. Mid-term surveys begin the eighth week of each semester and remain online for two weeks for students to fill out. End-of-term surveys begin within the two weeks prior to final exams each semester and remain online for two weeks. Surveys for summer semester classes are conducted in the last week of each of the classes’ sessions; beginning and ending dates are clearly designated on the university’s Academic Calendar.

Before conducting a class evaluation survey, the Curriculum Division posts an official announcement on the bulletin board of each department and institute and sends an email to all students requesting that they visit the information website system (myNTU / tPo) to complete the survey within the designated time period; student identities are strictly protected. Mid-term surveys cover all courses offered at each of the university’s teaching units. The surveys are conducted using an open questionnaire format that permits students to provide suggestions regarding class content and teaching methods for instructors to view on the information website system (myNTU). End-of-term surveys cover all classes offered at each of the university’s teaching units, except for courses titled Dissertation (Ph.D.), Thesis (M.A.), Thesis (B.A.), Special Topics, Seminar, Seminar (B.S.), Selected Paper Reading, Independent Study, and Service Learning.

After instructors send their grades for the semester to the Office of Academic Affairs, the survey results are then uploaded to the search system for the dean of each college, the chairperson of each department and institute, and instructors to access, as references for improving teaching.

Regulation / NTU Curriculum Evaluation Committee Establishment Guidelines
Department / Curriculum Division, Office of Academic Affairs
Contact / (02) 3366-2388 #302
Website / The guidelines are only available in Chinese.