Main Events



All About the Festival

3/11(Sat) 9:30
Entrance Plaza, Sports Center
Office of the Secretariat
+886-2-3366-9845 Mr. Huang



Check Out Our Clubs

3/11(Sat)、3/12(Sun) 9:30-16:00
Entrance Plaza, Sports Center& Banyan Ave. & Fan Palm Ave.
Office of Student Affairs
+886-2-3366-2063 #18 Ms. Wu



Learn About Our Programs

3/11(Sat)、3/12(Sun) 9:30-16:00
1F & 3F, Sports Center
Office of Academic Affairs
+886-2-3366-2388 #204 M. Tien


Meet Our Campus
Guided Tours & Exhibitions

High School Exclusive

Meet at NTU Main Gate

Learn about NTU’s cultural sites, scenes, and history in a guided walking tour.Participants receive a free Azalea tattoo sticker each
Available online before 3/2 for high school instructors. All registration must be confirmed by the visitor center before tours can be officially arranged.
+886-2-33662040 Ms. Hsieh,

Eco Tours(Mandarin)

3/18(Sat)、3/19(Sun) 9:30, 13:30 (2h))
Meet at NTU Main Gate
Main Gate→Fish Specimen Cottage→Green house→ Herbarium→ Liugongjun Pool→ Chen Hsin lawn→ Drunken Moon Lake

Learn to identify NTU’s vibrant plant life in this eco walking tour.Participants receive a free Azalea tattoo sticker each
Register on site at above timeframes (max. 40 per tour)
+886-2-33662040 Ms. Hsieh,

Cultural Tour (Mandarin)

3/11(Sat)、3/12(Sun) 10:30, 14:30 (1.5h)
Meet at NTU Main Gate
Main Gate→ Fu Bell→Gallery of NTU History→ Literary Yuan→ Drunken Moon Lake → First Student Activity Center→ Main Library→ Zhoushan Road→LuMing Square

Learn about NTU’s cultural sites, scenes, and history in a guided walking tour.Participants receive a free Azalea tattoo sticker each
Register on site at above timeframes (max. 40 per tour).
+886-2-33662040 Ms. Hsieh,

Campus Challenge (Mandarin)

3/18(Sat)、3/19(Sun) 9:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00
Main Gate, Fu Bell, Main Library, Luming Square

Collect stamps at all the sites to receive a free NTU popsicle coupon (while supply lasts).
+886-2-33662040 Ms. Hsieh,

NTU Museums

3/4 & 3/18 & 3/25 (Saturdays) 13:30-16:00
NTU Main Gate

Register on site starting at 13:15 (max. 30 per tour)
Participants will each receive a museum/anthem card set (12 cards). Collect stamps at all our museums to receive a free NTU popsicle coupon.
+886-2-3366-2362 Mr. Chen

NTU Museum of Medical Humanity : Guided Tours

3/7(Tue)、3/9(Thu) 10:30-11:30
The Foyer, 1st Floor, NTU Museum of Medical Humanity

The campus of nearly one century of medical educatino in Taiwan was formerly Taiwan Sotokufu Medical School and later Taihoku Imperial University Medical College. Now the Museum of Medical Humanity awaits you to relate tales of glory and glamour.
Registration on site, free admission (max. 25 per tour)
+886-2-3366-2362 Mr. Chen

Azalea Campus Tour

March 11th (Saturday) and 12th (Sunday)

Tour Time:
1st Tour 13:00-14:00, Mar 11th
2nd Tour 14:00-14:40, Mar 11th
3rd Tour 15:00-15:40, Mar 11th
4th Tour 10:00-10:40, Mar 12th
5th Tour 11:00-11:40, Mar 12th
6th Tour 13:00-13:40, Mar 12th
7th Tour 14:00-14:40, Mar 12th
8th Tour 15:00-15:40, Mar 12th

Teachers and students from the Department of Horticulture are the tour guides. The tour features quizzes and prizes!
Through the Internet or on site
Each tour features three contests for prizes (mini-potted plants).
+886-2-3366-4856#302 Ms. Tu

Seek Our Talent
Shows & Displays

“NTU Azalea Campus” Lecture

3/11(Sat) 9:45-10:45
Room 106, Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Lecture content: An introduction to Azalea traditional culture and stories, history of NTU azalea campus, and various species and cultivars of azalea.
Lecture features a prize quiz for a mini-potted plant.
Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, +886-2-3366-4856#302 Ms. Tu

Memorial House of Professor Eikichi Iso Tour

Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 09:30-12:00,14:00-16:30
Memorial House of Professor Eikichi Iso (Experimental Farm)

Theintroductory tour of Penglai Rice history and Professor Iso Eikichi.
Registration: Not required
+886-2-3366-4789 Mr. Liu

Sense of Placelessness

3/18(Sat) 16:30-
College of Social Science (1st floor-corridor and outdoor lawn next to the library)

Taiwanese well-known contemporary dance group" Century Contemporary Dance Company" has been invited to NTU to lead the public art project" Sense of Placelessness". For 18 weeks, students have been learning to open their senses to the world, to learn how to express themselves through both visual art and body movements. Results of the workshops include an exhibition and a live performance, which will happen both inside and outside of College of Social Science. We invite the audience to look at, and experience this building in a refreshingly innovative manner.
Free Entrance. This is a stage-less event that allows the audience to walk freely around during the dancers’ performance.
NTU Center for the Arts,
+886-2-3366-1579 Ms. Wang,
+886-2-3366-1829 Ms. Liang

White Umbrella Project

3/23(Thu) 18:30-21:30
The Odeum, NTU Center for the Arts

The concept of the White Umbrella Project was first put forward at the end of 2008. We were motivated by the ideal: “To speak up for human rights” by employing “a crowd to quietly walk back and forth on the street with white umbrellas being projected with images from the victims of violence over the course of history.” The original plan back in 2008 was to incorporate an IR camera, which would detect the positions and angles of the umbrellas. Through a high pixel projector, images can then be cast onto the umbrella with precision. For 2016, however, White Umbrella Project opts for mini analog projectors instead. The ease of replication makes it a more viable option for individuals who would like to participate in the project.
Reserve via website
NTU Center for the Arts,
+886-2-3366-1579 Ms. Wang,
+886-2-3366-1829 Ms. Liang

“Releasing Your Daily Pressure” Book Exhibition

3/8(Wed) to 3/31(Fri) Opening Hours of NTU Main Library
New Arriving Area, Main Library

There are four sections in this book exhibition: “Inspiring Vitamin”, “Emotional Seasoning”, “Making Your Heart Beat”, and “Experiencing the Outdoors”. Learn how to vent your pressure through reading.
Free to attend, library card required
+886-2-3366-4551 Library Extension Division

Baroque Opera Lecture Demonstration Concert

3/31(Fri) 19:30-
The Odeum

Italy, France, and England are the three major nations for the origins of baroque opera; its very beginning can be traced back to Firenze, Italy, before disseminating to the French court, which in turn left its mark on the development of English opera during Restoration era. The concert leads you through the evolution of the origins of opera as a new genre through both lecture and performance, so as to deepen your understanding of its historical development and its cultural context. Let a soprano, a claveciniste, and a baroque flautist guide you through the arcane world of baroque opera and together explore its elegant mysteries behind the façade of extravaganza.
Performer: Formosa Baroque
Soprano/ Lichen Huang
Baroque Flute / Yifen Chen
Harpsichord / François Guerrier
Presentation / Pao-Hsiang Wang
Register at from 14 Jan.
Organizer: Formosa Baroque、Co-organizers: NTU Center for the Arts, Taiwan Early Music Society
+886-936-758-709 Ms. Shen , +886-2-3366-1577 Ms. Liao

Flower Hunt 2017 – Saving Bali

3/6(Mon)-3/31(Fri) Opening Hours of TIPRC
Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Resource Center, B1, North Plaza of NTU Main Library

This activity, held by Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Resource Center (TIPRC), aims at helping visitors to acquaint with TIPRC’s resources through solving a series of interesting puzzles. Conquer all the challenges to receive a souvenir from TIPRC and enter the grand prize draw. Join and win!
This activity is open to public. No need to change for a library card.
+886-2-3366-3773, Miss Lin

A Special Exhibition of Blue and White Ceramics: Is There Anything Left to Say?

3/10(Fri)-6/9(Fri) Opening Hour of Main Library
Central Hall, Main Library

The aim of this exhibition is to highlight these ostensible and oft-neglected “imitators”. Unlike their rarer porcelain counterparts from Jingdezhen, the blue-and-white ceramics on display are all products of regions outside China, often manufactured in fairly significant quantities for a multitude of various functions. The objects in this exhibition have been selected from across the breadth of Asia and Europe and from a time period ranging from the 14th century to the modern day. Each locale created its own unique pieces, whether in material, technique or style. Yet, together, they played a part in perpetuating the enduring appeal of the blue-and-white ceramic: the world’s first global brand.
Free to attend, library card required
+886-2-3366-4551 Library Extension Division

“Satoyama-NTU Experimental Forest and their achievements of Community forestry”

3/11(Sat), 3/12(Sun)
NTU Agricultural Exhibition Hall 1F

NTU Experimental Forest is trying hard in promoting the ‘’Satoyama spirit’’. We hope we can be a good leader to help the community change their agriculture process into a more eco-friendly way. And now we are going to show you what we have done these few years, so come to visit us! Let us tell you the stories about the promotion of Organic Tea in Phoenix Tea Garden, Friendly Farming in Rikuta Village, Deer Valley Township, plantation of Rikita Nikko Rice and enjoy the aboriginal children’s performance.
‧Sin Siang Elementary school Aboriginal children’s performance:
3/11 AM 11:30 @ NTU Agricultural Exhibition Hall.
‧Tong Fu junior high school Aboriginal choir s performance:3/12 AM
11:30 @ NTU Agricultural Exhibition Hall.
‧Rice food DIY experience:3/12 AM10:00、11:00、13:00,on-site
Registration, Fee:Each person a time will be charge the ingredient costs.

Library Open House

3/11(Sat), 3/12(Sun) 8:00 -17:00
Main Library

The Main Library will be freely open to visitors aged 12 or above without the need to apply for temporary passes.
Age 12 or above

The Spectacle of Baroque Dance Music

3/17(Fri) 19:30-
The Odeum

The dance suite is a musical form which flourished in the Baroque era. Just like a bouquet of flowers, a suite may comprise beautifully arranged dance pieces. Famous examples include the six cello suites by J.S. Bach and Water Music by G.F. Handel.
Speaker: Chun-Hao Chen
Register at 14 Jan.
Formosa Baroque、Co-organizers: NTU Center for the Arts, Taiwan Early Music Society
+886-936-758-709 Ms. Shen, +886-2-3366-1577 Ms. Liao

Baroque Art: Music and Painting

3/24(Fri) 19:30-
The Odeum

Harpsichords in baroque paintings often reflect developments of contemporary society and embody elaborate symbolic meanings, providing details from daily life of aristocracy and middle-class citizens. Professor Yu, in her speech, will cover music scenes in baroque paintings as well as the multitudinous symbolic meanings conveyed by that various instruments In 17th-century paintings.
Register at from 14 Jan
Formosa Baroque、Co-organizers: NTU Center for the Arts, Taiwan Early Music Society
+886-936-758-709 Ms. Shen, +886-2-3366-1577 Ms. Liao

“The Influences and spirits of young farmers---A Display of NTU’s Agricultural Techniques”

3/4-26. Lectures from 10:00 to 16:00 on 3/25-26 (Sat-Sun)
NTU Agricultural Exhibition Hall

NTU’s students exhibit their Agriculture-related inventions and creativities by bringing innovative techniques into the forest economics. Youth lectures are available on 3/25、3/26.
+886-49-2652869 M. Li

“The Revival of Forest Economics = Related to Domestic Timbers”

3/1(Wed)-3/31(Fri) 09:00-17:00
NTU Agricultural Exhibition Hall

In order to promote domestic timber industry, as well as the afforestation, tending, and thinning in the NTU Experimental Forest, professor and students from Department of Civil Engineering will construct a practical wooden bridge in Xitou Nature Education Area!
Open participation
+886-2-23685784 Ms. Huang

Special Exhibition of Agri-Food Education

Closed on 3/31(Sun);09:00-17:00
Agricultural Exhibition Hall

This special exhibition will demonstrate various perspectives of agriculture production, food consumption as well as food safety through scientific approaches. Visitor can explore their knowledge of food crops and to understand how to eat well, safely and healthily, as well as develop the proper perception, attitude and literacy towards food consumption.

Azalea flowers in Azalea Season

3/10(Fri) 10:00-10:30
Room 322, Life Sciences Building

Max. 40 per session
+886-2-33662463#102 Ms Cheng (NTU Herbarium)

Poster Show: Ecological Entomology

3/4(Sat)-5/31(Wed) 09:00-17:00
Garden of Entomology Building

Held exclusively for the NTU Azalea Festival, the poster show at NTU Insectarium features fun facts and knowledge of the ecological entomology that will delight you with the amazing world of bugs!

NTU Campus and Farm Image Art Exhibition

3/11(Sat) & 3/12(Sun) 9:00-16:00
NTU Farm Art Gallery

Pencil sketches and oil paintings capture the NTU campus and farm through landscapes, architectures, flowers, animal, and plant ecology in their pictorial tribute.
free entrance
+886-2-33662556 M. Pan

Special Exhibition: The Penghu islands

3/18(Sat) 14:40-15:10
Geo-specimen Cottage

Via special exhibitions, guided-tours, worksheets, students-made videos and interactive mineral specimens, you will experience the true wonders of Taiwan.
Suitable for fourth graders and above.

Introduction to the resources, physiology and taxonomic traits of the wild azaleas in Taiwan.

3/10(Fri) 10:30-11:30
Room 322, Life Sciences Building

Max. 40 per session
+886-2-33662463#102, Ms Cheng(NTU Herbarium)

Special talks on Ecological Entomology

3/11(Sat)、12(Sun)、18(Sat) 14:00-16:00
Room 201, Entomology Building

When spring comes and the azaleas are in full bloom, insects everywhere spring to life. It is the best time for our experts to show you the beautiful world of insects.

NTU History Gallery Grand Challange—How Much Do You Know About Ssu-nien Fu?

3/18(Sat) 14:00-15:30
NTU History Gallery

In accordance with theme of the Gallery’s ongoing special exhibition ‘These Words, Those Years: President Ssu-nien Fu 120th Anniversary’, the Gallery holds the ‘NTU History Gallery Grand Challange—How Much Do You Know About Ssu-nien Fu?’ to draw you closer to the most renowned president of NTU. Hefty prizes will be awarded to the ultimate winners of the challenge!
Please fill in the online form before 15 March 2017. On-site registration is accepted if this event is not fully booked.
+886-2-33663818, Ms Chen;

Mr. Computer Apple macOS, iWork Workshops

3/08(Wed) -3/30(Thu) 14:00-15:30

※macOS Basic:Top 10 tips about Sierra.
※macOS Advanced:How to use Trackpad &Touch Bar.
※Pages & Numbers:How to make beautiful documents?
※Keynote:How to make amazing presentation?

Register on Mr. Computer Website or Campus Experience Centers.
NTU Campus Experience Center (max 10 people per class)
NTU Campus Experience Center 2 (max 12 people per class)
Mr. Computer Website
Mr. Computer Facebook
NTU Campus Experience Center:+886-2-8369-2912 Daniel
NTU Campus Experience Center 2:+886-2-2739-6139 Eason

Looking for Bookstores in the Floral Land: Collecting Stamps

3/1(Wed)-3/31(Fri) 9:00-17:00

NTU Press Bookstores

National Taiwan University Press Bookstore not only sells books, but also collects all kinds of stories people have had in NTU. NTU Press runs three bookstores on campus: General Library (B1), Gallery of NTU History (2F), and Shuiyuan Campus. From 3/1 to 3/31, collect two bookstore stamps from any of the NTU Press Bookstores, to receive a limited exclusive gift at any one of our bookstores. We welcome you to our bookstores and share your memories and stories about NTU with us.
For more information, please refer to NTU Press Bookstore's Facebook page


Mix & Play
Interactive Games & Activities

NTU Farm – My green life

3/11(Sat) & 3/12(Sun) 9:00-16:00
NTU Farm

Succulent plant exhibition, NTU Farm products and other agricultural products are available for sale in this bazaar.
Free entrance
+886-2-33661874 Ms. Zhong

Happy Gathering for Little farmers

3/18(Sat) 13:00-15:00
1st Floor, Agricultural Exhibiton Hall

Have you ever heard of the ‘Spring Equinox’? Do you know any rituals associated with the ‘Spring Equinox’? This programme would not only lead you to explore the astronomical event of the ‘Spring Equinox’ but also take part in the related agricultural rituals in its celebration.
Open to 3-6 graders, reservation available through online registration. Max. 20 people.
3-6 graders

We are Family

NTU New Sports Center

Our Medical School focuses on the topic of Family Medicine this year. We introduce the significant role of family physicians on preventive medicine (i.e.,. health examination), travel medicine (i.e., vaccination) and long-term care. We host activities such as simulations of clinical consultations, interactive experiences of measuring CO concentration on expiration (to evaluate smoking cessation), and quick quizzes on family medicine. We also provide consultation on enrollment and courses for high school students as well.
Students can visit for free
+886-2-23123456 #88032 Lucy Hung


3/11(Sat) 、3/12(Sun) 9:00-17:00
Agricultural Exhibition Hall 1F

LOVE NTU-AEH is committed to promote the image and spirit of National Taiwan University (NTU) by designing specially branded accessories for everyday life in Taiwan.
Take pictures in NTU clothing or with NTU related items and upload them to the agricultural museum fan page with the comment: "I love NTU-AEH" then TAG three friends to receive a mystery prize (limited quantity)

Animal-assisted therapy in Long-Term care

3/04(Sat) 9:00-10:30
National Taiwan University Hospital Bei-Hu Branch
No.87, Neijiang St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) has been used in healthcare for a long time. AAT plays a role in the hospice, psychiatric ward, and long-term care facilities in Taiwan. Among all AAT, “Dr. Dog” has the longest development history. In this program, we actively encourage attendees to interact with “Dr. Dog”.
+886-2-23717101 #6256 Mr. Lin

Wheelchair checkup for the disabled

3/10(Fri) 9:00-12:00
National Taiwan University Hospital Bei-Hu Branch.
No.37, Kangding Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Wheelchair is an important mobility assistance equipment for the disabled. A broken wheelchair causes hindrances and safety issues. It is very important to maintain the full function of wheelchairs with regular check-ups. This program provides care for disabled elderlies through a full wheelchair check-up.
+886-2-23717101 #6256 Mr. Lin

Design Workshop-Making story cubes with azaleas

3/11(Sat) 9:10-15:00
Room 322, Life Sciences Building

Max. 25 persons per session
+886-2-33662463#102 Ms Cheng (NTU Herbarium)

Handicraft Workshop- Handcrafted paper from Azalea flowers

3/12(Sun) 14:00-16:00
Seed Laboratory, Agronomy Building

Max. 25 persons per session
+886-2-33662463#102, Ms Cheng(NTU Herbarium)

Rubbing Workshop for Entomological Art

3/4(Sat) 14:00-16:00
Room 201, Entomology Building

A workshop for manufacturing paper rubbings of a variety of insect images. These delicate rubbings can be made into unique greeting cards or bookmarks

Botanical Painting Workshop-Azaleas

3/18(Sat) 9:00-12:00
Ecological Laboratory 1217, Life Sciences Building

Max. 25 persons per session
+886-2-33662463#102, Ms Cheng (NTU Herbarium)

Design Workshop: Azaleas Badges and Key Rings

3/18(Sat) 14:00-16:00
Room 115, Department of Drama and Theatre Building

Max. 25 persons per session
+886-2-33662463#102, Ms Cheng (NTU Herbarium)

Design Workshop-Pith Paper and Azalea Flower

3/19(Sun) 13:00-16:00
Ecological Laboratory 1217, Life Sciences Building

Max. 25 persons per session
+886-2-33662463#102, Ms Cheng(NTU Herbarium)

How to make yogurt at home

3/11(Sat) 10:00-11:30 & 3/12(Sun) 10:00-11:30
NTU farm meeting room

Introduction of dairy products and fermented milk.Homemade yogurt workshops and tastings.
Payment required
+886-2-33661874 Ms. Zhong

DIY bakery

3/11(Sat) 13:00-14:30 & 3/12(Sun) 13:00-14:30
NTU farm green house

Introduction to homemade Baking products.Baking products DIY.
Payment required
+886-2-33661874 Ms. Zhong

Spring Festival, 2017

3/11(Sat) -3/26(Sun) 8:30- 16:50
Highland Experimental Farm, NTU

Highland Experimental Farm will celebrate important festivals in our life with various parties. Are you ready? Come and enjoy the Spring Festival held in the Highland Experimental Farm of NTU!
Ticket required (purchasable from 8:30-15:00)
+886-49-2803891, +886-49-2802499

Happy Farm in your home

3/11(Sat) 15:00-16:30;3/12(Sun) 15:00-16:30
NTU farm meeting room

How to maintain a vegetable garden at home.Potted spices DIY.
Payment required
+886-2-33661874 Ms. Zhong

Clay pot with succulent plant arrangement

3/11(Sat) 15:00-16:30;3/12(Sun) 10:00-11:30、15:00-16:30
NTU farm mushroom classroom

DIY workshop for handmade clay pots with succulent plant arrangements.
Payment required
+886-2-33661874 Ms. Zhong

Audit a History Class


For one week only, a number of the most popular history courses will be made available for high school students to audit.
Register at the Department of History website.

Wooden Tea House Exhibition

3/6(Mar)-3/31(Fri) Mon. to Sat. 9:00 – 17:00
The grounds next to NTU Agricultural Exhibition Hall

During the last semester, a 1:1 structural model of a wooden tea house was designed and constructed by students from NTU Capstone course in an inter-collegial project with students from NTUCE, NTUF and SCUARCH. In March 2017, the tea house will be relocated to the grounds next to NTU Agricultural Exhibition Hall for the Azalea Festival. Students from Department of Civil Engineering will be responsible for introducing the tea house. After the Azalea Festival, this wooden tea house will function as a place for visitors to rest and drink tea until the end of March.
The open space next to NTU Agricultural Exhibition Hall
Please visit during the opening hours
+886-981-808-017 Ms. Liu


Dig Into Our Past
Alumni Exclusive Events

Gift for Alumni - Apply for Alumni Card

3/11(Sat) & 3/12(Sun) 9:00-16:00
NTU Main Gate

Download the application to apply. Check out our gifts selection HERE, or visit the Alumni Office website for more information.
+886-2-33662042 NTU Alumni Center

National Taiwan University 2017 50 Year Reunionn

3/18(Sat) 9:00-14:30
1st floor, NTU Sport Center

50-year reunion for graduates of class 1967. Please register in advance and contact our staff to secure your seat.
+886-2-3366-2042 NTU Alumni Center

Rice Seedling Transplanting Activity for Alumni

3/11(Sat) 9:00-12:00 (sign in at 8:30 am)
NTU Farm

Feel the soil press against your feet at the rice seedling transplanting activity.
Sign up from 2/13, see website (limited availability)

Do It Yourself Activity

3.11 (Sat) afternoon & 3.12 (Sun) 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00
Liberal Education Classroom Building

We welcome all families to join us in this stress-relieving activity.
Sign up from 2/13, see website (limited availability)

Parents-Teachers Communication of academic year 2017, Department of Chemistry, NTU.

3/11(Sat) 13:30-16:30
Department of Chemistry, NTU

Parents-Teachers Communication meet up.
Contact Miss Hsu Huichen by March 3
+886-2-33661143 Miss Hsu Huichen Fax: +886-2-33668671


Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
Snack and Treats

Bafang Yunji

3/1 (Wed) -3/31(Fri) business hours
2F, Xiao-Fu Building

Double-meal deal.
NTD110 for 20 fried dumplings and 2 cups of soy milk. Original price, NTD134.

Yi-Sin Japanese noodles soup

3/1 (Wed) -3/31(Fri) business hours
2F, Xiao-Fu Building

Special meal deal.
NTD70 for omelet rice with mapo tofu sauce. Original price, NTD95.

Bistro Breakfast

3/1 (Wed) -3/31(Fri) business hours
2F, Xiao-Fu Building

Double-meal deal.
NTD100 for pork burger with egg, toasts with tuna cheese and egg, a hash brown, and 2 cups of black tea. Original price, NTD120.

Gugo Kitchen

3/1 (Wed) -3/31(Fri) business hours
1st Floor, 2nd Student Activity Center

Restaurant-wide discount.
10% off plus a complementary piece of cake per customer.

San-Gu-Mao-Lu Marinated Stew

3/1 (Wed) -3/31(Fri) business hours
2F, Xiao-Fu Building

Double-meal deal.
NTD100 for 2 sets of Combo F (fried noodles with a fried egg, vegetables and special sauce). Original price, NTD120.

Chen’s Food at Xiao Fu Building

3/1 (Wed) -3/31(Fri) business hours
2F, Xiao-Fu Building

Double-meal deal.
NTD105 for 2 bowls of braised pork rice and pork thick soup and one dish of appetizer. Original price, NTD155.


3/1 (Wed) -3/31(Fri) business hours
1st Floor, 2nd Student Activity Center

Sukiyaki Restaurant meal deal.
Order NTD 529 meal and get a free duo hot pot (Original price, NTD99).


Pick a gift
Gifts & Souvenirs

Get 20% off winter clothing

3/1 (Wed) -3/31(Fri) business hours
Royal Palm Shop (Green Cabin)

NTU long sleeves T-shirt and fleece hoodie on discount for 20% off while supplies last.

Azalea pormotion x CoolCode

3/6 (Mon) -3/18(Sun) 11:00-18:00
Student Activity 2F / Xiao-Fu Square 3F

In order to participate the annual Azalea Festival at National Taiwan University, the school hopes to incorporate more interactions and with azaleas and promotions around azaleas.
1. Azalea series of products at 12% off discount
2. Wearing any CoolCode products (such as T-shirt, hoodie, jacket, short trousers, hat, etc.) and check in on Facebook with your Azalea photo at NTU and leave a message, to receive a 15% off discount.
3. For more information please check the Facebook fan page.
+886-2-33652112 Miss Pan

NTU Press Bookstore: Floral Land Offers

3/6(Mon)、3/31(Fri) 9:00-17:00
NTU Press Bookstores

Offer 1: Exclusive Weekend Discount
From 3/11 to 3/12, get 12% discount off all purchases at NTU Press Bookstores.
Offer 2: Alumni Card Exclusive Gift
From 3/6 to 3/31, NTU alumni will receive a coffee voucher for any purchase at NTU Press Bookstores with a valid Alumni Card (one voucher per card during the period).
For bookstore locations, please refer to this webpage:
Offer 3: NTU Design Products Debut
Starting from 3/11, new products in the Azalea Festival collection, such as the 2017 NTU Table Mats, and the NTU iPad Bag, will debut for the first time at NTU Press Bookstores. For more information, please refer to NTU Press Bookstore's Facebook page:

Mr. Computer offers the “Back To School” discount !

‧Register on Mr. Computer website : 2/20 12:00 - 3/27 12:00
‧Sales in Campus Experience Center: 2/20 12:00 - 4/1

Teachers and Students of NTU with a teacher ID card or student ID card can enjoy the “Back To School” offer.

1.MacBook、MacBook Air、MacBook Pro、iMac:Education pricing and 5% off discount.
2.New MacBook Pro without Touch Bar: Education pricing and $3729 special gifts.
3.New MacBook Pro with Touch Bar: Education pricing and $550 special gifts.
4.Accessories get at most 65% off discount.
1.NTU Campus Experience Center (Siao-Fu Building 1F):Opening Time: 09:30 – 19:00
2.NTU Campus Experience Center 2 (Chang-Hsing Dormitory 1F):Opening Time: 11:30 – 21:00
Mr. Computer Website
Mr. Computer Facebook
NTU Campus Experience Center:02-8369-2912 Daniel
NTU Campus Experience Center 2:02-2739-6139 Eason
Value Added Reseller:02-2736-6990 # 880 Kelly



Taiwan Tech Anniversary Celebration (including Opening Ceremony)

3/25(Sat) 8:20-17:00
Sport stadium (Taiwan Tech)

Join the Taiwan Tech celebration of their anniversary with creative stadium circling, performances, and track and field games from all departments.
Students are welcome to present their creative circling upon completion of registration with the staff in office of students Affairs. Athletes for the track and filed games should register with the staff in Sporting Education office. Visitors and guests are free to join the activity.
+886-2-27373208 Miss Yang

Campus Carnivals of Taiwan Tech

3/25(Sat) 8:20-16:00
Taiwan Tech campus

Taiwan Tech clubs and societies display their achievements and crafts in individual stalls and stands.
Open to all
+886-2-27333141#7335 Taiwan Tech Student affairs Mr. Chen

2017 Campus Recruitment Activities of Taiwan Tech

3/31(Fri) 10:00-16:00
Tennis court, basketball court, and sports field at Taiwan Tech campus

Established companies and industries jointly host a platform to recruit freshmen through this activities. A great opportunity for students to communicate with various companies and industries, including the chance to submit their CV and gather advise from professionals in their respective fields.
open to all
+886-2-27376251 Ms. Jill Hsiao