Taiwan Tech Sports Event, 2024

3/16 (Sat.) Road Running 6:20-10:00;
3/23 (Sat.) Sports Competitions 09:30-16:30
Road Running - Gongguan Riverside Plaza;
Sports Competitions - Stadium, Taiwan Tech

The NTUST Sports Event celebrates the anniversary of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech) and promotes sports activities, improve the physical and mental health of students, and strengthens the connections of faculty members and students of the NTU System.
Register at the Department of Athletics Office of Taiwan Tech.
+886-2-2733-3141#5531 Mr. Weng

49th Anniversary School Carnival

3/23 (Sat.) 10:00 - 16:00
Lawn in front of student dormitory

About 60 booths organized by student associations, department student associations, administrative units, and off-campus charities will be at the scene. Performances by student clubs will be held as well.
No registration required
+886-2-2737-6131 Ms. Lin

Sharing Reading Experience

3/5 (Tue.)
International Building – IB201 Conference Hall (NTUST)

Six readers will each present a 20-minute PowerPoint oral presentation regarding his/her reading experience of book selected from best sellers, classic books, and books from recommended list at the NTUST Library. This activity aims to promote book reading and help cultivate the lifelong habit of book-reading at the campus of NTU system.
Register on the website or sign up at the entrance.
+886-2-2737-6186 Ms. Chen

The 3nd Taiwan Tech Young Entrepreneurs' Rising Star Competition 2024

3/15 (Fri.)
NTUST International Building 3F (IB-302)

Leading by Taiwan Tech distinguished alumni, supplemented by Taiwan Tech’s sound entrepreneurial guidance mechanism. Startup funding : NT$1million.
Sign up for the Competition Seminar https://psee.io/5jznn7
+886-2-2737-6904 NTUST Business Incubation Center Ms. Chen

The Third Global Talent Entrepreneurship Program Orientation

3/20 (Wed.)
To be announced on the official website of Business Incubation Center of NTUST

This program focuses on foreign students in Taiwan. The training content includes intensive courses, one-on-one consultation with industrial professionals, company visits, Demo Day, etc. Combined with the guidance and companionship for subsequent entrepreneurial incubation to assist outstanding foreign talents, launching their business and soft landing in Taiwan. Welcome to join us!
Please refer to the program regulation.
+886-2-2737-6919 Ms. Melia Tsai

2024 Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Incubation Program of Taiwan Tech Orientation

3/27 (Wed.)
To be announced on the official website of Business Incubation Center of NTUST
To be announced on the official website of Business Incubation Center of NTUST

This program will identify a campus-derived team with international market development potential, then have them travel to Silicon Valley and other regions in the United States. By combining with alumni resources to receive training in the United States and visiting well-known companies and accelerators to promote interaction between the startup team from Taiwan Tech with startup experts around the world and bring these innovative ideas back to Taiwan. Welcome to join us!
Please refer to the program regulation.
+886-2-2737-6944 Ms. Jessie Ou

NTUST Alumni x Incubatee Pitch Day

3/22 (Fri.)
Tentatively scheduled from 12:30 - 17:00
To Be Confirmed

To facilitate networking and matchmaking between NTUST alumni and incubatees, enhance opportunities for business and technology collaboration, and discover potential startups, " NTUST Alumni x Incubatee Pitch Day "will be held on 22nd March. This aims to ignite infinite possibilities between alumni and startups!
To Be Confirmed
+886-2-2737-6662 Business Incubation Center of NTUST Mr. Jerry Chen

Spring Campus Recruitment Info Sessions

3/1 (Fri.) - 3/26 (Tue.)
12:20, 13:20, 14:20, 15:30 (50 min per session)
International Building IB-202、IB-101 Conference Hall

Presenters will briefly introduce the backgrounds, cultures, and job openings of their companies. Session organizers may prepare lucky draws or distribute souvenirs on site.
Please sign up at the entrance.
+886-2-2737-6251 Mr. Tsai

Taiwan Tech 2024 Spring Night Out

3/6 (Wed.)
The outdoor area between the IB & E2 Building of Taiwan Tech

Combining our international campus environment and our international student associations, we create a multicultural bazaar at night, provide cuisines, and hold live performances to get everyone soaked in the vibe of the spring night. Provide On-site participation.
Please refer to the Instagram of OIA official website (taiwantech_oia)
+8862- 2733-3141 #7591

Job and Internship Fair

3/28 (Fri.)
Sports field, basketball court, tennis court, volleyball court, post office and the square in front of the dormitory

The presenter will introduce their companies to the participants and provide job interview opportunities on site.
On-site participation. Bring your C.V. will help.

+886-2-2737-6251 Mr. Tsai

Alumni reunion party

3/23 (Sat.)
The Peng’s Agora Garden Xindian (2F, No. 219, Sec. 3, Beixin Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City)

Under the mindset of "bringing every alumnus back to our University family," we would like to invite all of you to attend this alumni reunion. We hope that through this communication platform, alumni can get to know each other, exchange work experience, recall the wonderful campus life in those years, and strengthen feelings for alma mater.
Register with each department’s Alumni Association https://www.secretariat.ntust.edu.tw/p/412-1063-65.php?Lang=zh-tw
+886-2-2730-1262 Ms.Chen, +886-2-2730-1177 Ms.Lee

NTNU 2024 Job Fair

3/22 (Fri.)
NTNU’s Sunlight Avenue

The job fair invites employers from different industries to provide job opportunities for students.
Free entrance. Other than join on-site activities, submit your resume online at careercenter.ntnu.edu.tw is also recommended.
+886-2-7749-1255 Ms. Hsu

NTNU 2024 Music Festival Opening

3/19 (Tue.)
NTNU Auditorium

To relief the stress and cultivate the mind, there are 32 series of activities including music, dance, musical and academic activities in NTNU 2024 Music Festival for people from school to community. The Music Festival Opening will be performed jointly at NTNU auditorium by Department of Music, Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology and Graduate Institute of Performing Arts. Part of activities will take place on NTU campus as well.
Ticket sales and VIP Coupon
+886-2-7749-3270 Ms. Tseng

NTNU Night—Clapping to Send Love

3/23 (Fri.)
NTNU Auditorium

Meykaryag or the Clapping and Singing Gatherings were once a popular summer night entertainment of the Tao people and an essential social occasion for young men and women to make acquaintances. Meykaryag gradually became obsolete. In the early 21st century, there is no more spontaneous organization of these gatherings on the island.
The re-enactment of Meykaryag began to take shape after active and multi-lateral approaches. After more than one year of practice, it is hoped that this performance at the NTNU Musical Festival can revive this almost extinct indigenous musical art. Our hope is that the younger generation of Tao people can showcase the result of their learning. But more importantly, the general public in Taiwan can come to appreciate the music anew and support the revival of this endangered cultural heritage.

Ticket sales and VIP Coupon
+886-2-7749-3270 Ms. Tseng

Suren Bagratuni and the String Orchestra of NTNU

3/24 (Sun.)
NTNU Auditorium

With 《Suren Bagratuni and the String Orchestra of NTNU》, we have the great privilege of having Suren Bagratuni, Cello Professor from Michigan State University, who will perform with Ling-Yi Ou Yang, Cello Professor and the String Orchestra of NTNU conducted by Professor Drapal Chia-Hong Liao, Dean of the College of Music. The repertoire of the concert will be concerti composed in extremely different historic periods and cultures. Through the interactions between the solo cellists and the string orchestra, the audience can experience the colliding and interweaving of musical productions. NTNU promotes diversified and international exchanges in its musical education. Through this rare opportunity, we hope to engage the faculty and students in international dialogues and foster the global vision of our students.
Participation Methods: Ticket sales and VIP Coupon
+886-2-7749-3270 Ms. Tseng

《The New Sounds of Imagism, LOHAS with Music》: A Concert of Contemporary Music

3/31 (Sun.)
NTNU Auditorium

《The New Sounds of Imagism, LOHAS with Music》 features compositions by graduate students in the Composition Division of NTNU Music Department. Repertoire of the first half of the concert focuses on art songs written for chamber choir composed by Xin Lee, including “Listen, the Night is Flowing” and “Quay”. Also performed before the intermission is “Folk Songs” written by Luciano Berio (1925-2003), a piece that allows the audience to experience the charms of vocal works by the renown contemporary composer. In the second half of the concert, orchestral works by three composers, “Impressions of Night Excursion” by Li-En Chang, “Inspiration” by Tze-Tang Liao and “To Dream” by Yao-Sheng Deng will be performed. These large-scale orchestral works pose great challenges to the young composers in their command over techniques and the acoustic effects. The three pieces together will be an aural feast for the audience.
In addition, the concert also aims at promoting contemporary music in Taiwan and bringing the audience a brand-new musical experience.
+886-2-7749-3270 Ms. Tseng