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2023 International Conservation Conference & 24th Taiwan Geoparks Network Conference 2023/10/03
R204 International Conference Room, Department of Physics.

Shih-Liang International Conference Hall, College of Science
The international conservation conference is held to promote conservation and management by inviting relevant international experts to exchange ideas and share insights.

The three sub-themes of the conference are:
1. Protected Areas and National Parks - its challenge, opportunity and management
2. Geoparks and Geo-tourism, Geo-education, Geo-tourism, and stewardship for sustainable Geoparks
3. Marine Resources and Geological Hazards - issues and solution

Target participants: Experts in related fields, researchers, government employees, community groups, NGO members, and other stakeholders.

Department of Geography
Ms. Chen
FROM ZHONGYUN TO QIUSHI –E exhibition of Selected Cultural Assets: Commemorating 80th Anniversary of NTU College of Engineering 2023/10/20- 12/31 NTU History Gallery To celebrate the 80th anniversary of National Taiwan University College of Engineering, this exhibition's title around two publications: 'Zhongyun,' the alumni magazine of the Taihoku Imperial University College of Engineering, and 'Qiushi,' the student publication of the National Taiwan University College of Engineering. It is complemented by a selection of historical assets collected over the years by the NTU history gallery, including furniture, equipment, books, old photographs, and even student IDs and precious graduation certificates. This exhibition showcases the 80 years of spirit of seeking truth from facts embodied by the College of Engineering. NTU History Gallery
Keynote Speech on Human Resource Management 2023/10/25
Kingdom Hall, College of Management Building 1 Department of Business Administration, NTU invites Dr. Peter Cappelli (George W. Taylor, Professor of Management and Director, Center for Human Resources at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) to give a speech, titled: “Why We Manage People So Poorly.”

Department of Business Administration/College of Management
Toward the NTU Centennial: Essays of the Faculty of Science and Agriculture, Taihoku Imperial University Session 1

Session 2

Conference Room 1, Administration Building To prepare for the 100th anniversary and celebrate the 95th anniversary of NTU, the “National Taiwan University Alumni Bimonthly” will host this essay presentation. The dates and topics are 10/27 for Science, 11/ 03 for Life Sciences, and 11/10 for Agricultural Sciences. Refer to the poster for the details of the speakers. Teachers, students, alumni and all those who are interested are welcome to participate.

NTU Alumni Bimonthly/Digital Learning Center
Book Launch Event: Digital Phantasms: The Archivization of History and Memory 2023/11/2
Linking Thinking, B1, Linking Bookstore Digital technology has transformed historical records and texts into digital files while changing their formats of transmission. This book discusses how this phenomenon changes the context of our perception.

NTU Press
Patah Ki Hima.Raan Ki Tara: Resplendent Threads of Taivoan—
Search for Tradition: Experience Sharing on Revitalizing Taivoan’s Embroidering
Main Hall, NTU History Gallery Not available. NTU Museum of Anthropology
Patah Ki Hima.Raan Ki Tara: Resplendent Threads of Taivoan 2023/11/3-2024/2/3

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Monday 10:00 to 16:00 (Saturday 09:00 to 17:00); closed on Tuesdays, Sundays, and National Holidays
2F, NTU Museum of Anthropology In 2009, Typhoon Morakot struck devastatingly upon the Taivoan Siaolin Tribe, forever altering the course of countless lives.

Amidst these disastrous losses, the Siaolin people, with the late Professor Hu’s encouragement and assistance from the NTU Museum of Anthropology, have managed to find a way home through their splendid tradition of embroidery that is passed down from their ancestors.
Siaolin Community Development Association/NTU Museum of Anthropology

Center for Aboriginal Studies, NTU;
2023 CTBC Arts Festival| HUANG YI STUDIO + “This Life” Second Phase 112/11/4

Players Theatre, NTU Center for the Arts • Latest production by the famous Huang Yi Studio to reveal the intricacy of life through robotic camera movements.
• Stage-by-stage presentation to unveil all the minute and significant backstories and details.

*The show is presented in a way for both seasoned audiences and newcomers to enjoy.

Ticket: Purchase on OPENTIX platform

NTU Center for the Arts
Environmental Protection Adventure with the Picture Book 2023/11/11
Conference Room, NTU Farm Taipei City Environmental Protection Department collaborated with NTU Farm to lead you through this magical, imaginative environment protection journey. Pick up your picture book and explore how we conquer the trash nightmare and safeguard our environment and the earth.

Click the link to register:

Agronomy Section, NTU Farm
Ms. Chen
STANDING IN FERTILE FARMLAND, LOOKING TOWARDS THE CANAL: The hydrological history of the National Taiwan University main campus. 2023/11/15- 2024/6/30 Chyun-liuExhibition Hall, NTU History Gallery Unfolding ancient maps from the Qing Dynasty and the Japanese colonial period, the location of the main campus of National Taiwan University in "Ding Neipu Village" is surrounded by rivers, with "Linkou Village" to the southwest and "Linwei" to the northwest. It could be the same beautiful forest that the Dutch saw over 300 years ago. During the Qing Dynasty, "LIOUGONG Canal" and the "WULIXUE Canal", among the three canals, created a landscape where fields and waterways intersected in the vicinity of Gongguan. In this context, we will explore the relationship between the hydrology and the people of the main campus, born out of the "WULIXUE Canal" 300 years ago, and discuss its historical and current significance. NTU History Gallery/NTU Museums
10th Anniversary Performance by 3peoplemusic 2023/11/17
The Odeum, NTU Center for the Arts Ten years after its establishment, the band will step on stage with another contemporary Taiwanese performer A Root to deliver yet another inspiring performance.

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NTU Center for the Arts
Meng-Hang Shih World Percussion Recital 2023/11/24

The Odeum, NTU Center for the Arts Explore the boundless music world with the performance by Meng-Hang Shih.

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