Campus Tours

Event Time/Date Venue Description Organizer/Contact
Historical Tour of the Department of Chemistry 2023/11/4
Department of Chemistry Celebrating its 95th anniversary, NTU Department of Chemistry invites senior faculty and alumni to embark on a journey to unveil the history the department. Department of Chemistry
DIY Wooden Stool Making 2023/11/11 1F, NTU Agricultural Exhibition Hall Domestic materials are sustainable, renewable, and ecological. These eco-materials require little processing and consume less consumption, emit low CO2 and pollution, are easy to decompose, and are reusable. To celebrate NTU’s 95th anniversary, the Experimental Forest has organized domestic woodworking activities. You will get to create a small stool with domestic wood materials!

No restrictions on participation, all are welcome!

On-site registration. Participants will have to pay for the material costs
NTU Experimental Forest
Hand Making Fun with Plant Materials 2023/11/11-11/12
Horticulture Field, NTU Farm To celebrate NTU’s 95th anniversary, NTU Farm rolls out a series of courses to teach you how to use various plant materials like leaves and flowers to make personalized artifacts and items that are both meaningful and fun.

You may also pay a visit to Rice Hall to shop for agricultural products and observe the herbarium and aged farming equipment.

NTU Farm
Ms. Chen
Eco-regeneration—Repurposing paper container 2023/11/11
Morning: 9:30-12:00;
Afternoon: 14:00-16:30

Morning: 9:30-12:00;
Afternoon: 14:00-16:30
Mushroom Classroom, NTU Farm 20 spots for each session (5 spots on the waiting list).

Participation is subject to on-site payment.

For registration, refer to the link:
NTU Farm
Mr. Liang
Tour of NTU Animal Farm and Milk Tasting 2023/11/11

Two sessions, with 20 spots each

Session A:
10:00- 11:30

Session B:
NTU Animal Farm As the only registered animal farm in Taipei City, this rare tour of its live operation is something you can’t miss. We specifically invited NTU Animal Science experts to guide you through various details of the facility.

Fee: NT$300/adult & child (incl. 1 glass of milk)

Reservation opens at the end of October, stay tuned to NTU Farm’s website:
Animal Husbandry Section, NTU Farm
Mr. Liu
DIY Moss Pot Making 2023/11/11

Session 1:

Session 2:
Horticulture Classroom, NTU Farm Learn to make a pot made of moss balls and relevant techniques in 90 to 120 minutes.

Reservation opens at the end of October, stay tuned to NTU Farm’s website:

Horticulture Section, NTU Farm
Ms. Chen
Family Farming Experience 2023/11/11-11/12
Horticulture Field, NTU Farm A live cultivation experience incorporated environmental and food education. Come and feel the beauty of plants and soil through your own five senses.

Spots are limited, please reserve yours now:
Horticulture Section, NTU Farm
Ms. Chung
NTU Campus and Museums Guided Tours 2023/11/11, 11/18, and 2023/11/19
13:30-16:00 (varied by date)
NTU campus and museums Online registration:

Assemble at University Promenade (13:30)
→Art Museum (Self-guided) (13:40-14:10)
→ Lesyue Building
→ Museum of Anthropology (14:20-14:50)
→ Agricultural Exhibition Hall (15:00-15:30)
→End of tour

Assemble at University Promenade (13:30)
→ NTU Heritage Hall of Physics (13:40-14:10)
→ Fu Bell
→ Administration Building → NTU Geological Museum (14:30-15:00)
→ NTU Center for the Arts (The Odeum)
→ NTU Insect Museum (15:30-16:00)
→End of tour

Assemble at University Promenade (13:30)
→NTU History Gallery (13:40-14:10)
→NTU Herbarium (14:20-14:50)
→Fu Bell
→Administration Building
→Liugongjun Pool
→Museum of Zoology (15:30-16:00)
→End of tour
NTU Museums and NTU Visitor Center
DIY Marigold Handmade Soap 2023/11/12

Session 1

Session 2 14:00-16:00
Agronomy Classroom, NTU Farm Make soap of natural ingredients in just two hours and learn relevant knowledge.

Registration starts late October, stay tuned to NTU Farm’s website:
Agronomy Section, NTU Farm
Ms. Chen
NTU Farm Anniversary Sales 2023/11/11-11/12 Agricultural Sales Center/NTU Farm Visitor Center During the sales period (11/11-11/12), present a receipt or proof of participation in NTU Farm activity to receive NT$ 5 off (one discount for each receipt). NTU Farm
Library Open House 2023/11/15
Main Library All visitors aged 12 or above can enter the Main Library on the day without a temporary library card. NTU Library
DIY Pine Cone Artifacts 2023/11/18-11/19

Morning: 9:15-12:00;

Afternoon: 13:15-16:00

※Queue tickets will start being issued at 9:00 and 13:00 (50 spots for each session), please queue up accordingly.

Booth Located near NTU Main Entrance Making beautiful decorations with pine cones. (100 spots/day)

※Materials may vary in quality and shape.

※A materials fee of NT$50 will apply.
Visitor Center
NTU Campus Knowledge Contest 2023/11/18, 2023/11/19

Morning session: 9:30-11:50;

Afternoon session: 13:30-15:50.

On-site registration.

The first 40 finishers in each session will receive a special gift

NTU Main Entrance, Fu Bell, and Lu Ming Square Register on-site to participate in the campus knowledge contest and collect points to win. NTU Visitor Center
Historical Tour—Remains of Qing Dynasty settlements on campus (in Mandarin Chinese) 2023/11/18,

※20 spots for each tour session; registration before Nov. 11 is REQUIRED.

Main Entrance, 2nd Student Activity Center The route includes historical buildings, Liugongjun irrigation system, and sites of early settlements.

For registration, refer to the visitor center website:
NTU Visitor Center
Ecological Tour – Plants, Animals, and the Eco-system of Fu Garden, Drunken Moon Lake, and Liugongjun Pool (in Mandarin Chinese) 2023/11/18,


※Advance registration before November 10 is REQUIRED

(25 spots for each session).
Meeting point: NTU Main Entrance (ends at Drunken Moon Lake)

Join the tour to experience the ecological wonders of Fu Garden, Drunken Moon Lake, and Liugongjun Pool

For registration, refer to the Visitor Center’s website at:
NTU Visitor Center
Historical Tour—Monuments and Buildings on NTU Main Campus
(in Mandarin Chinese)
10:00-11:50 (15 spots),
14:00-15:50 (30 spots)

14:00-15:50 (30 spots)

※Advance registration before November 10th is REQUIRED.
Meeting point:
NTU Main Entrance
The tour covers major historical sites and buildings along Royal Palm Boulevard, Drunken Moon Lake, and Zhoushan Road.

For registration, refer to the Visitor Center’s website at:

※Advance registration before November 10th is REQUIRED.

NTU Visitor Center
ASRS Open House 2023/11/23
ASRS Service Center NTU Library has established the first automated storage and retrieval system in Taiwan in the basement of the Zonghe Lecture Building, pioneering the management of library collections. To celebrate NTU’s anniversary, we are launching an open tour for visitors to explore this remarkable facility.

NTU Library