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Date: 2023-02-3

Located in the Odeum, the Center for the Arts used to be an American military chapel. This petite chapel features a classic vaulted ceiling, a Grotrian-Steinweg piano, and a 120-seat auditorium, which not only makes it a perfect performance hall but also a place where visitors can bask in the ambiance of art.
The NTU Center for the Arts is a Level I functional structure, which aims to enrich the faculty and students’ experience in art through diverse art exhibitions and symposiums on literature, aesthetics, music, drama, and dance, with the goal of creating a campus that speaks of art and humanities. In addition to publishing NTU Almanac for the Arts that highlights various artistic events held at NTU, the center also puts on concerts, lectures, and small theatre shows from time to time. In addition to the concerts, lectures, workshops, and theaters at Odeum, the center also arranges multiple events and performances for different spaces and festivals at NTU, therefore NTU faculty and students will often find the center’s decorative touches at unexpected corners in the campus. Moreover, the center offers various projects for individual and group performers, on and off campus, to stage performances at its venue, in the hope of imbuing the campus with a diverse artistic atmosphere. The projects offered by the center are as below.

1. Let’s Art

Let’s Art is a proposal project aimed at encouraging cooperation and communication between individual students, student clubs, and the Center for the Arts. In addition to offering NTU students the opportunities to perform and showcase creations, the projectalso selects and awards students with outstanding proposals and artworks. (For more, go to “Let’s Art” on the Center’s for application and other information.)

2. Professional Art Show

Professional Art Show is set up for both NTU and non-NTU individuals or groups with professional-caliber in staging, planning, and executing art shows. This project encourages art groups to submit proposals, which the Center of Arts can help to execute and engage NTU members in diverse quality art performances. The center will cooperate with the proposers by taking charge in hosting, co-hosting, or assisting the events they propose. (For more, visit “Professional Art Show” on the Center’s website.)

3. Chapel Music Box

The Chapel Music Box is for professional soloists or duets who want to hold a recital at the Odeum. Given its unique architectural design, proper stage size, and adjustable seats, the Odeum has everything required of a recital venue. This cooperation project is set up to make the most of the Odeum as a performance venue, at the same time offering musicians options for staging a recital. (For more, visit “Chapel Music Box” on the Center’s website.)

4. Venue Rental Services

In addition to the projects listed above, the Center for the Arts also offers venue rental services. With its classic chapel architecture, petite stage, professional audio and light equipment, the Odeum is perfect for holding small-scale ceremonies and lectures. NTU units and student clubs can enjoy a ten percent discount on rental fee. (For more, visit “Venue Rental Services” on the Center’s website.) 

The antique and elegant architecture, the dazzling light shone through the stained-glass, the timeless attraction of an old-building, and diverse fascinating artistic events all contribute to making Odeum a sanctuary of art. Everyone is welcome to this place to enjoy and create the beauty of art. Visit the Center’s website or follow our Facebook page for more information.

Those interested in collaborating with the NTU Center for the Arts, contact us via e-mail, telephone, or our fan page.

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