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Sexual Harassment Prevention

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Date: 2021-05-19
  1. According to the Act of Gender Equality in Employment and relevant regulations governing faculty’s leave application, faculty members are entitled to maternity leave, paternity leave, and unpaid leave (with position retained) for infant care, as well as breastfeeding rooms. Grievance mechanism and the procedure for reporting gender inequality incidents are also posted on the “Sexual Harassment Prevention” section of the Personnel Department homepage.
    (1) Website: Personnel Department (http://www.personnel.ntu. edu.tw/) → Sexual Harassment Prevention http://www.personnel.ntu.edu.tw/News_n_202_sms_21511.html
    (2) Contents:

    • Dedicated hotline for sexual harassment prevention: (+886) 2-3366-5903.
    • Dedicated email for sexual harassment prevention: leader@ntu.edu.tw.
    • Investigation, grievance procedure, and complaint form for University faculty and staff Sexual harassment incidents.
    • Relevant regulations and websites.
  2. If a faculty member is involved in a sexual harassment incident and confirmed to be the perpetrator by the University’s Gender Equality Education Committee or by a relevant investigative commission established according to the law, the incident shall be reported to the Ministry of Education and his or her employment shall be terminated immediately.

Department / Assessment Division, Personnel Department
Contact / (+886) 2-3366-5940
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