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NTU COOL: Digital Teaching & Learning Platform

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Date: 2022-06-10
  1. NTU COOL is a digital teaching and learning platform devoted to courses taught at NTU. It offerings and functions include video lectures, reading materials, online interactions, learning statistics, and teaching management (e.g., assignment submission and grading). This platform helps instructors to practice blended/hybrid learning and course digitization, improving the effectiveness of teaching and learning.
  2. Log into NTU COOL with the username and password of your NTU Email account (apply for an NTU Email account to the Computer and Information Networking Center; follow instructions: http://apply.cc.ntu.edu.tw/index_en.html)
  3. NTU COOL website: https://cool.ntu.edu.tw
    1. To open a course through NTU COOL, please visit: https://reurl.cc/L3zm57
    2. Check NTU COOL user manual at https://www.dlc.ntu.edu.tw/cool-support/
    3. To use NTU COOL for a course, please the service provider via email at ntucool@ntu.edu.tw or via phone at 02-3366-3366 #25536, 02-3366-3367#536