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Digital Resources

Date: 2022-07-13

NTU COOL Digital Teaching and Learning Platform

Developed by the Digital Learning Center, NTU COOL (short for NTU COurses OnLine) is a new generation of digital learning platform, which effectively supports blended learning, manages real-time online interactive discussions, and tracks students’ learning performance. NTU COOL allows both instructors and students to take advantage of digital technology and media materials. It makes the teaching/learning process more interactive and autonomous, encourages instructors to introduce and design diverse modes of teaching, and helps students develop individual learning styles. Contact the Digital Learning Center to sign up for the service or for any inquiry.

Department / Division of Learning Technology, Digital Learning Center, Office of Academic Affairs
Contact / (02) 3366-3366 #25580, 25598
Website / https://cool.ntu.edu.tw/

NTU OpenCourseWare

NTU joined OpenCourseWare (OCW) to promote the sharing of educational resources, implement the concept of lifelong learning, and provide self-learners with diverse learning content. In response to the global call for open education and social responsibility as well as to gain global visibility, NTU invites its colleges and departments to provide a multitude of high-quality courses in various fields and subjects for the NTU OCW website. In addition to offering free open courses for self-learners off campus, the teaching and learning materials on the website are also valuable references of learning, teaching, and research for students, instructors, and researchers at home and abroad.

Department / Digital Learning Center, Office of Academic Affairs
Contact / (02) 3366-3367 #564
Website / http://ocw.aca.ntu.edu.tw/ntu-ocw/

NTU Speech

NTU Speech was set up to keep a record of the many important lectures and speeches on extensive topics delivered at NTU, preserving precious video footages of these events for both academic and practical purposes. By watching the videos on NTU Speech, viewers get to watch each speech or lecture repeatedly anywhere and anytime, making this website a treasure trove of knowledge and learning.

The Digital Learning Center also provide video post-editing services for NTU’s official divisions or units of the second level or above.

Department / Digital Learning Center, Office of Academic Affairs
Contact / (02) 3366-3367 #584
Website / http://speech.ntu.edu.tw/

YouTube EDU

NTU’s YouTube EDU program has three channels: “Campus,” “Course,” and “Focus.” These channels contain a variety of videos that introduce the world to NTU’s abundant educational resources and outstanding research achievements. Moreover, faculty and students can easily access information about learning and life on campus through these channels.

Department / Digital Learning Center, Office of Academic Affairs
Contact / (02) 3366-3367 #586
Website /
NTU Campus https://www.youtube.com/user/ntutw/
NTU Courses https://www.youtube.com/user/ntucourses/
NTU Focus https://www.youtube.com/user/ntufocus/

NTU MOOCs x Coursera

NTU joined the world’s largest Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) education platform, Coursera, in 2013. Outstanding instructors are encouraged to offer online courses for NTU MOOCs, with the Digital Learning Center’s assistance in curriculum design, video post-production, and platform operation training. By integrating NTU’s strengths in research, teaching, and industry-academia collaboration, NTU MOOCs continues to offer quality courses featuring these strengths and has become an exemplar provider of MOOCs for the Chinese-speaking population.

Department / Digital Learning Center, Office of Academic Affairs
Contact / (02) 3366-3367 #564
Website / https://www.coursera.org/taiwan