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Date: 2023-08-7

New faculty and staff dormitory application

For full-time assistant professors, associate professors, and professors within the establishment of NTU

  • For new NTU (subsidiaries are not included) full-time assistant professors, associate professors, and professors only.
  • The application period begins from a month before the employment date to a year after the employment date. Apply via the webpage in January, April, July, and October.
  • Visit the Faculty and Staff Housing webpage for the application procedures (https://dorm.bu.ntu.edu.tw/)

Sports and Leisure Venues and Facilities

Divided into two areas: Main Campus and College of Medicine Downtown Campus, the method of use and applicable venues are as follows:

Method of use Applicable venues
Faculty discount for individual passes/ticket purchasing 1. NTU Sports Center heated swimming pool

2. NTU Sports Center gym

3. Main campus outdoor swimming pool

4. Main campus tennis court

5. College of Medicine gymnasium badminton court

6. College of Medicine gymnasium table tennis room

7. College of Medicine gymnasium physical training field

Faculty discount for individual/group 1. NTU Sports Center (badminton, basketball, volleyball, handball, table tennis, and squash), exercise classrooms, etc.

2. NTU Sports Center (badminton, basketball, volleyball, handball, and table tennis), exercise classrooms, etc.

3. College of Medicine gymnasium (excluding physical training room on 1F and group rental).

Free of charge for individuals/groups 1. Outdoor sports venues (athletic field, soccer field, artificial turf court, handball court, basketball court, basketball half court, volleyball court, baseball field and practice area, golf practice range, outdoor physical training field, tennis court and wall, etc.).

2. NTU Sports Center Weight Training Room (use faculty/staff ID for access).

3. College of Medicine tennis court.

4. College of Medicine basketball court.

5. College of Medicine volleyball court.

I. Contact Telephone:

(I) NTU Sports Center: (02) 33665959 ext. 600 or 601
(II) NTU Sports Center, outdoor swimming pool, outdoor venues: (02) 33669515
(III) College of Medicine gymnasium: (02) 23123456 ext. 62194

II. Related websites
(I) Athletic Department https://pe.ntu.edu.tw/#/
(II) NTU Sports Center https://ntusportscenter.ntu.edu.tw/#/
(III) NTU Sports Center and outdoor venues https://pe.ntu.edu.tw/rent/#/
(IV) College of Medicine Physical Education Venues https://www.mc.ntu.edu.tw/bosamc/Fpage.action?muid=1695&fid=1054

National Taiwan University Preschool

  • Admission priority (in order)First priority:
    • Immediate family members of NTU faculty and staff in approved establishment or the Preschool’s faculty and staff (Note: The blood relatives of new full-time teaching faculty enjoy top priority).
    • Second priority: Blood relatives of the faculty and staff (including MOST assistants) of NTU’s affiliated units and organizations.
    • The remaining slots are filled by drawing in due order by children of NTU’s part-time teaching faculty, students, and the general public.
  • Inquiry:
    • Director of NTU Preschool: Ms. Man Dai
    • Phone: (02) 3366-4428 or 8369-1039
    • Fax: (02) 2363-9297
    • NTU Preschool