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Date: 2022-01-25

Website of the Office of International Affairs: https://oia.ntu.edu.tw/

From NTU of Asia to NTU of the World

To become “NTU of the world,” the University must stay current with the trend in internationalization, explore new ways of collaboration, and leave a wider footprint in relevant realms. Methods to this end are highlighted as follows: strategic alliances with key universities, broader overseas education projects, recruitment of and guidance for international students, and optimized short-term programs. international students, as well as establishing and improving short-term programs.

Strategic Alliances with Key Universities

Quantitatively, NTU continues its outreach efforts in forming international research partnerships, creating overseas education opportunities, and recruiting international students. In terms of quality, NTU spares no effort to be on par with top universities worldwide. To this end, NTU has launched the Strategic Partnership Program to strengthen partnerships with key universities on the basis of long-term sustainability.

With emphasis on substantive exchanges. NTU continues to partner with universities such as University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Peking University, University of Hamburg, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and University of Sydney. With various sources of funding, NTU is able to form cross-disciplinary partnerships with key universities worldwide, enabling over 400 faculty and students to conduct research or study abroad on a fixed-term basis. Also, through partnerships with University of Tsukuba and University of Bordeaux, NTU is one of the cohosts of the program on borderless campus “jukebox” courses, and with it a three-university joint master’s degree program as well as an office are in development. The University hopes the above would lead to innovation in globalized education cultivation of talents with high international mobility.

Broader Overseas Education Projects

The “Go beyond Taiwan and Bring the World Home” program that provides students with a variety of opportunities to study abroad as exchange students, visiting students, or attending summer courses. The objective is to broaden students’ horizons who in turn can share their overseas experiences with fellow classmates at home university. The program has over a thousand students in participation every year.

Grants and Scholarships for International Students

To carry out the mission “top in Asia and top-notch worldwide,” NTU is tasked with recruiting top students from around the world through provision of generous grants and scholarships. Taking advantage of its reputation and alumni networks, NTU is able to proactively attract top high school students.

NTU Plus Academy

NTU Plus Academy offers short-term programs designed for international students, which incorporates diverse professional disciplines of NTU and local Taiwanese experience to enhance students’ academic competitiveness as well as cultural understanding. Students who enroll in the programs have the opportunity to meet students from around the world, experiencing how it feels to live in a global village. In addition to professional courses, the programs also arrange multiple outdoor trips that introduce students to famous sites in Taiwan, exposing them to exciting Taiwanese cultures and giving them the opportunity to explore the diversity of Taiwan’s natural environment. Each program offers well-trained NTU students who can provide support for any problem international students may encounter during their short-term program.

NTU Plus Academy now offers over 20 courses across six disciplines: Art, Chinese and Sinology, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Research and Internship, and Social Sciences, which have drawn over 3,000 enrollments since its inception. Many students who enrolled in these programs stayed in Taiwan either by joining exchange student programs or enrolling in NTU, and some of them even decided to stay permanently in Taiwan afterwards.

Daily Life Going Internationalized

Internationalization should ultimately enable us to refocus on humanistic values. Through this platform, networks between local and international faculty and students are being built and with it comes internationalization in steps which ultimately becomes part of the University’s daily operation. As such, NTU can be called a genuinely world-class, international university.